Isabelle: DancingMature

“Care to dance, Mr. Landry.”

“Sure, why not?” he answered stiffly, his eye, expression remaining unchanged as he offered his arm.

I replied with a smooth grin, taking it and allowing him to guide me onto the dancing floor. He was not one who could easily mask his feelings, or from what I could tell. Certainly he was displeased with the prospect of dancing, and if we were not, I could predict our conversation would have ended and he would have displaced himself to a corner of his own, on his own. Too he appeared one not prone to conversation. Obviously.

The instruments piped up and set all the couples to dancing. It was some suitable, paced, almost melancholy tune. We were silent, mainly; I was uncertain of how to continue other then continue dancing along, gazing into those deep pools of brilliant bits of summer sky which only gazed back. He was not a spectacular dancer, as William was, but there was something in his presense--something elusive--that drew me in and made me curious. I was far too curious for my own good. At least that is what everyone told me.

We bowed to one another as the music ended. "Thank you for the dance, Mr. Landry," I said, adding, "That was not so horrible, was it?"

Jaque smiled wryly. "You are something, Miss. Isabelle."  


That night I found my way to my room, preparing myself for sleep and climbing into bed. I reached over to my nighttable, snuffing my candle before falling onto my pillows and staring into the darkness of my ceiling.

It was unusal how everything came so natural, as if it was my regular. To think of it, when Jaque asked me of my life, without a thought the story of this life, so familiar, rolled off my tongue. Was this really....real? Was I dreaming some elaborate dream?

Would I wake in the morning and find myself at home?

Or here?

I shifted in my sheets, closing my eyes and staring into the back of my lids, velvet shadow.

Thinking of Jaque, would I see him again? I could not shake the feeling that I knew him from somewhere....Somehow he entertained me, and I wanted to see him again. Yet he would probably be annoyed with me, and avoid me. Perhaps, if this was all a dream, I would meet him again in another.  I smiled to myself, drifting into a deep, comfortable slumber.



The End

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