Isabelle: Meeting and GreetingMature

William swept the pretty auburn haired girl onto the ballroom floor for a brief dance, leaving me alone with Jaque, who seemed to make no move to start a conversation. I stole a glance to where William swirled the girl about him.He was extraordinarily charming. Despite just making his acquaintance, already I felt I had made some sort of an attachment to him. Perhaps too much so. But it appeared he had such an affect on all the ladies around him, and I was well-aware of his own attachment to that beautiful Rose. If anything, I liked him and his company very much.

"So..." I turned to Jaque, whose brilliant blue eyes were quite thrilling. There was something about him that made him appear like an odd specter of a some handsome man; his very narrow, skeletile form, perhaps. But too it was mysterious. Unsure of how to continue, I asked the first question that came to my mind. I began conversationally, "Do you hail from France?" 

"No," he said very simply, afterwards turning his eyes to the window in a brooding fashion, as if he was suddenly bored.

I shifted, making my gown rustle slightly. "Are you new here?" I prodded slightly, attempting to be friendly.

"I suppose. Everyone seems to treat me as they know me, yet I don't seem to know them," he returned his eyes back to her.

"I know!" I burst out suddenly, making his expression change, and a few people around to glance at my slightly loud voice. I averted my eyes, coloring warmly, like the pink of my dress. I cleared my throat and continued in a softer tone, "It is very odd, like some quier dream, yet I seem to go along and play my part, as if it is only the natural thing to do."

Jaque surprised me by smiling mildly. "It is quite nice to meet you, Miss. Isabelle,"

I beamed, pleased. "Yes, it is fine to meet you as well, Mr. Landry."

The End

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