Rose: Fluttering HeartMature

I felt my hope slowly fad and eventually I rose to my feet. I felt slight uncomfortable in this dress. I had a feeling I only wore them cause it was requested.... and to maybe impress William.

"Oh, William" I whisper. Tears spark in my eyes and I sob for a moment into my hands. I felt like my feeling were Forbidden. Like to love William was a crime cause of the reputation he had. I eventually wipe my eyes and begin to leave. As I do I collide into a firm body. I gasp and look up into familiar dark eyes. "William" The name sounds perfect on my lips. I reach out and strokes his cheek. Then before either of us can speak I kiss him. I grab his shirt and press my lips firmly to his.

He seemed shocked but slowly held my hips before pressing me up to the stable walls. The kiss became quickly intense and I moaned. Suddenly, William pulled away. He gazed directly into my eyes. "I... I must go" I say and try to leave. William doesn't let me and pulls me back too him in a tight hug. My head rests against his chest.

"Don't..... a few more minutes" he whisper.

"Why should I grant you them?" I ask, my fingers trace patterns on his hip bone. "Do you have a reason I should?"

"Come back and dance with me, Rose" he whispers.

"I can't.... people stare. They don't want us together"

"You care more of what they think than what you want and desire yourself?"

"How do you know I desire you?" I says turning in his arms so I face away. William tightens his arms and they are firm around my waist.

"I don't but I hope you do since... I desire you" I tense and look back at William.

"You do?" I ask. He nods and I wrap my arm up round his neck turning in his arms to press my lips to his. He kisses back and I feel almost in heaven like things are perfect almost.



"Can you send Charles away though?"

I laugh and smile. "Jealous?"

"Yes" I giggle and we kiss again more strongly this time. The kiss send shivers through my body and I purr at the contact. His hands grip my hips tighter and when we pull away we're both out of breath.

"How about that dance then? I think they'll play one last song before the night ends" I say and lead him out of the stables. As we re-enter the ballroom heads turn. I see looks of annoyance on nearly everyones face but I ignore it. I lead William to the middle and getting ready to dance, press my body to his as much as possible.

The End

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