William: a feelingMature

The smell of her delicate perfume lingered on me, taunting and mocking me. Her voice and words hummed in my ears, wanting to hear more from her delicate lips. I was left alone in the balcony, the view of nature filled me with excitement. The moon was bright in the sky, opaquing the stars close to it. So many things to be grateful for, but I took them for granted. There was only one word, one feeling that mattered: Rose.

She was a challenge, a clear sign of female sexuality that attracted and delighted me the most. I walked earnestly back to the manor, my eyes flickered and scanned the room for signs of her, but it was a futile search. I sighed and walked back to the ballroom. I was then surrounded my a group of young ladies, with their flowing gowns trailing behind them as they made their approach.

"William," they all called at me with such confidence I was disgusted. Nonetheless I gave them a pleasant smile and a nod. The name William will only come out sounding right in the lips of my loved one. "Pray waltz with us," they continued, giggling and lightly touching my arm.

"The night is young, mademoiselles," I said, "there is no rush. Nobody rushes springtime to come, and nobody should rush my waltz with delicate young blooms like yourselves."

"Oh, William," they say as they cover their blushing faces and satisfying smiles.

"Who shall I escort first?" I asked lending an arm for a lady to take. The ladies were all debating and hovering around me, asking me to decide whom to take. I turn my gaze to the ceiling begging the superior being to save me. Some metres away I spotted an incandescent glow, Rose. She was smiling at my disgrace, and quite enjoying herself.

I will toy with you, let's see who yields first. I smiled inwardly. I left the throng of ladies behind and walked toward Rose, my dark eyes fixed on her delicate features. She was standing at the other end of the room, apparently having a conversation with some women older than her. Those women were shaking their heads reproachfully at me, condemning my acts, most probably.

She was looking away, but I knew she was keeping an eye on me from the corner of her eyes. Before approaching her, my path was deviated to another lady. I gently tapped her shoulder and asked her to waltz.

Rose let a sigh of relief, but there was also something in her eyes that made me feel overall triumphant. I pressed the body of the damsel I was waltzing with closer to me, her silky dark blond hair was gently swiping behind her as I spin her with grace.

"Sir, I believe you are pressing me a little bit hard," I heard her said uneasily. My thoughts were snapped out of Rose as I look at her chocolate eyes.

"My apologies, I could not prevent myself from holding such a graceful silhouette close to my bosom," I gave her a coquettish smile.

Some colour rose to her cheeks but were soon smothered away, a brilliant smile adorned her face. "No worries," she said happily.

"You are very friendly," I noticed, "can I have the honour of knowing your name?"

"Isabelle Haynes," she replied, "how about you?"

"William Ashbrook," I replied, my thoughts were back to Rose, my little diversion was ephemeral. "I am new here," I tried to sound conversational, "I was wondering if you knew that lady with the pink gown over there?" I spun her around so that she could have a clear view of Rose.

She gave me a sheepish smile and shook her head, "I am sorry, I am also new."

Displeasure and disappointment crossed my face, but I soon wiped them away, "please, don't apologize."

She gave me a friendly smile.

"What a coincidence," I said, "both of us are new to this place. To be honest, I am slightly confused by it."

"Really?" her voice with honest surprise, "me too! I thought I was the only one feeling this way!"

I managed a smile, at least I wasn't the only one. My thoughts were once again on Rose.

"Who is her?" she asked in a whisper, nodding at Rose's direction.

"I would like to know that too." I whispered back, bending down close to Isabelle's ear, almost snuggling my head on her delicate, barren shoulder. I was also making sure Rose had a clear view of us.

The End

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