Ophelia CutlerMature

The manor house was everything that it should have been, nestled in the countryside as if the hills that surrounded it could ward of the shadow of night. I approached it with a dull smile, a faded enthusiasm, and an overfilled sketchbook in my arms. Clinging to it as though it was all that was keeping me grounded. Some days I wasnt sure.

I'd often questioned if everyone had a destiny, a time and a place to be. If fate was the real governer of our feeble lives. Closing the distance between me and the beatiful house, absently noting my appreciation for the last art of walking in heels, I wondered. My parents were both English professors who had fallen a bit too hard for Shakespeare. They'd named me after the most tragic character in existence. And in doing such, they had quite possibly sealed my fate.

The manor was rather fitting, all archways and stone walls. It looked exactly like the sort of place Ophelia might have gone. To escape, maybe. Or to forget. Those were most certainly the reasons that had brought me.

One would think I might have felt it. The gentle shudder as I crossed the threshold. But no, there was only me, standing in a breathtaking foyer beneath a brilliant chandelier.

And then I was being approched by a girl I didnt recognize, though perhaps maybe I should have. Her thick black hair was curled about her face, a perfect contrast to my white blonde locks. Her vivid green eyes were surrounded by the same black kohl I favored.

"Ophelia," she spoke softly. A voice intended for no one but me. "You've made it."

There was something so achingly famliar about it all. That might have been when i looked down to see that the black skinny jeans and simple tee I'd worn upon entrance had been replaced by a gown of the deepest red.

The girl reached out to place a hand lightly upon my forearm. A shiver ran through me. "Rebecca." It came out so naturally. The shadowy girl cast me a grim smile. 

"Come on, love. We must not be seen sulking in the doorway. People will talk, you know." I nodded, even though I had no fucking clue, and then I followed her into the manor, into the mystery and allure.   

The End

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