Rose: PredatorMature

I had to pry Charles from me and I left with a mumbled excuse. That man was dancing so close. He was making my heart flutter like a birds wings, quick and swift. I held my skirt up slightly as I raced out of the grand hall and up the grand staircase. I raced along the corridor to a balcony where I fell forward on the stone barrier. I gasped my chest rising and falling with my quick breaths.

I look out at the gardens where a forest of pure beauty grew. I felt almost inspired to take a photo but I realised my camera to be gone. Oh dear, how would I cope without my camera? How will I express my creativity?

"Young Lady" I spin to the voice to find the young dark gentleman standing at the doors. "Why do you stand in the moonlight looking so in dismay?"

I swallow and straighten myself. "I am not in dismay, sir. I am simply thinking about what the world holds for me" I say not looking into his eyes cause I know I will lose myself in them. The gentleman walks forward and tilts my face up with a finger beneath my chin. I continue to avoid his eyes looking at his beautiful, delicate looking lips.

"Why do you not allow me to look in you eyes that seem to be sparked with stars?" The gentleman asks.

"I do not know your name, sir" I whisper.

"Everyone here knows my name it seems" he replies.

"I'm sorry to say I do not"

"My name is William Ashbrook"

"That name seems so familiar to my ears. Then perhaps you do know me or of me"

"I'd like to know you more than just a familiarity of your name" I find myself whispering, finally gazing into his eyes.

"Well, to know me better you must tell me your name"

"Mine? It... It is Rose Well" I whisper. William smiles.

"Such a fitting name for one who is as beautiful as such a flower. Rose represents true love and passion, does that fit your personality?"

"I do have another side to me which is not very lady like" I say then suddenly turn away leaning on the wall. "But I'm afraids sir you will not see it tonight" I then scurry away past him knowing that sometime tonight he will probably confront me again.

The End

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