William AshbrookMature

I rolled my eyes as my girl friends gasped and giggled at the magnificence of the Victorian manor that stood in front of us. They complimented the architecture of the building -a clear renaissance revival- and the garden that surrounded the manor.

I saw the girls pulling on their boyfriends arm telling -maybe ordering- them to look at this and that, and they did. That was nauseating. I walked with my hands thrust deep into my pockets when an arm slipped through my arms and was hugging it.

"Oh, William, thank you for inviting us to this place," she said dreamily with her green eyes looking lovingly at my face.

I placed a finger lightly on her chin and tilted her face higher up, closer to my face. "It was my pleasure, besides, Victorian manors should be surrounded by beauties and not just old generation people who appreciates history."

She blushed and giggled, "maybe later today we can go to the movies," she whispered in my ears and winked. Then she slipped her hand from my arm and jogged to join her boyfriend -my best friend- to stand in the queue.

I ran my hands through my silky, dark hair, and look at the manor. How well behaved were the ladies from the Victorian era?

We crossed the threshold and were soon exposed to antique furniture, people hovering around them, admiring and talking incessantly about it. My friends beckoned me to follow them up the carpeted stairs. I walked some steps behind them. Once in the hallway, they were several metres away from me, a room caught my eyes and a smell filled my nostrils. Smell of lavender and roses played with my sensible olfactory smell, the soft triple-metered music of violins danced in my ears. I stepped into the room, lighted with a candelabrum.

Under the soft lights, people were dancing. Women in elegant dresses and men with formal attires, everybody was turning to the rhythm and melody of the music. Women were prettily adorned with jewellery and their hair was pinned in very different and becoming ways.

"This is a dream, and I might as well enjoy it," I said and stepped into the ballroom. Immediately I took the hand of a lonely lady and bent down to kiss the delicate, rose-scented hand. "my lady, how beautiful you look tonight. Care granting this unfortunate gentleman some minutes of your precious time and accompany him to waltz a piece?"

My dark eyes searched for her blue eyes, I saw her blush and giggled to her friends, who urged her into accepting.

"Oh, how gentle and noble of you, my dear William," she said.

I gave her a puzzled look, "how do you know my name?"

"Whoever doesn't know your name!" she teased, her finger tapping my nose delicately, in a sign of flirtation.

I gave her a cocky and knowing smile, then lead her into the ballroom. I place one hand gently on her perfectly curved waist, inching a little bit to her back and with the other hand I hold her hand. We spin in the dance floor, attracting attention of our peers. I heard sighs of admiration and desire from the young girls, and scorn and reproachful looks from the older madames.

"I am afraid my time with you has come to an end, my precious," I whispered in her ears and noticed her body shivering with excitement at being addressed as precious.

I let go of her and bowed, I sauntered away in search for another lady. I found her, she was a young woman sitting next to an older man, my eyes searched her hand. She had a ring on her left hand, a married woman, but how unhappy she appeared! I bowed to her husband asking him to concede me the pleasure of waltzing with his wife. The young wife gave him a pleading look and he accepted. I took the young woman to the dance floor, she was delighted. I turn to look at her husband and parents, all of them were giving me reproachful looks full of disdain and contempt.

After quarter of an hour, I waltz with five young women, the others were desiring to waltz with me, but I expressed a longing for inactivity. I walked to the corner of the room and watched the waltzing proceed. This seem unlikely a dream, everything was so real and so strangely familiar to me. I took wine from a butler and sipped it delicately, its calming effect taking place in my body.

It was then when I saw her, so delicate a rose entering the ballroom, with an expression as confused as mine. Her blue eyes were looking around the place, her long black plaited hair hung beautifully on her head. I made signs to approach her, but I somebody else got there first and offered his hand. I stayed back in my corner as I saw him lead the young lady to the ballroom, my eyes locked on her.

By a chance, our eyes met, her blue eyes striking in my heart. I gave her a sly smile -a smirk- then she glanced away blushing.

"I will grant you some minutes," I whispered, looking at the pleased man waltzing with her. I sauntered to another woman, this time a slightly older, and waltz with her, she was enchanted by me. I waltz as closer as I could to that couple, waiting, like a predator, for the prey to be alone.

The End

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