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'Emerald, please dear. Take those headphones out.' 

'Mum, I'm not even listening to anything.' 

'Please, it looks tacky.' 

I heaved a sigh, pulling my headphones out. My mother had this delusion that we were some respectable, high class family and it became apparent that headphones weren't allowed in the 21st century according to her.

'Mum, do you know how many teenagers listen to music?' I protested, but I knew there was no point. Mother was extremely stubborn; something I had inherited from her which meant we clashed a lot of the time. 

'This is a respectable place! I will not have my daughter wandering around looking antisocial!'

'Mother, it's a manor house open to the public. I can guarantee I'm not the only teenager here.'

'I am your mother, you will listen to me.' Her tone was final. I sighed again and focused out the window. My mum really wound me up sometimes. I had a short temper and it took me a while to calm down after someone had riled me up. 

'We're here,' she announced, pulling into an empty parking space. 

My mother's love of history meant I had been to many other manor houses. This certainly wasn't the first and I doubted it would be the last. 

'How long are we going to be?' I grumbled, stumbling half heartedly up the gravel driveway to the grand entrance. 

'However long it takes,' Mum replied. Paying our way inside, I was suddenly overcome with the most peculiar feeling, like a giant wave of nausea and dizziness. I pushed myself forward in a dreamlike state and music began to fill my ears. The most beautiful music I had ever heard. 

The smell of lavender filled my nose and I glanced around, confused. I was no longer with my mother, I was standing in the entrance of what looked like a ballroom. Ladies in elegant gowns, accompanied by handsome men in formal attire were spinning gracefully, involved some sort of dance. 

'Emerald,' someone spoke in a soft voice beside me. I gasped out loud. He was stunningly handsome, with high cheekbones and large brown eyes. His dark hair was combed and fell in neat waves to just short of his shoulders. I had the strangest feeling that I knew him...

'Harry,' the name rolled off my tongue and the stranger smiled. 

'Might I say, you look beautiful,' his voice was charming and elegant and I felt a blush slowly rise to my cheeks.

Wait a second...

I glanced down at myself and gasped once more. I wasn't wearing my jeans and plain black shirt anymore, I was dressed in the most beautiful gown I had ever seen. It was full length and icy blue. It hugged my figure to the waist, where it fell in diamond encrusted tiers. 

My red hair was set in ringlets and my hands were dripping in jewels. 

'What the hell is going on...' I whispered to myself.

The End

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