Rose WellMature

"Rose... ROSE!"

"Huh? What?" I say looking up from my book snapping it shut on the book mark. My mother glares at me from the front passanger seat.

"We're here" she snaps. I sigh and ignore my giggling brothers next to me. My father pulls into a space and we all shuffle out. Me out last of course. My brother jump around as I myself pull out my camera snapping a shot of the magnificent manor house. I find myself bubbling with joy inside.

"Eddie! William! Stop that! Behave!" My father snaps and my brothers immediatly stop their banter. My mother checks her purse then with a nod at father, who locks the car, we are off. I trail behind gazing at the beautiful country side around me.

Soon we are on our way up the gravel drive of the manor house after stepping through a large archway. I gasp gazing around with wonder. Its amazing... magnificent like I thought before. I can almost hear the victorian music and chatter in my ears. I close my eyes as we reach the line at the doorway and take a deep breath. I smell pine, lavender, orchid.... such beautiful smells.

"Rose!" My mother suddenly snaps and slowly I open my heavy lidded eyes. I feel light and dream, almost dizzy in a way. "Hurry" I notice we are now at the front of the que. I can't contain myself I skip up the steps and through the door.

Violins play as does a piano and I find myself staring around at a scene I did not expect. Gentleman in formal clothing take the steps with women wearing beautiful dresses on their arms. I find myself speechless almost clumsy. "Miss Rose" I turn to the sound of my name to find a gentleman is such a beautiful suit at my side. He offers his arm. "Shall we proceed to the grand hall?"

"Who are you?" I mumble confused. He laughs his voice such a beautiful sound. He then looks back at me with calm, caring and beautiful eyes.

"Oh, Miss Rose, the joker you are. You agreed to take me as your escort for this evening although such a lowly man as me should not be graced with such presence of one of the Lady's of the manor house"

I blink slowly. Lady? I look down at my clothing and gasp... because I am no longer wearing my long sleeved wolf top and jeans but a rosey, satin, red dress of pure beauty, fabric roses holding up parts of the outer skirt to my waist either side. The corset part of the upper dress presses up to my stomach tightly as well as my breast. I look back at the handsome gentleman and put my hand on his arm. I don't know what is happening but I like it.

"We should proceed to the hall.... Master Charles" I say the words sliding of my lips so easily. The man smiles and I am so glad I have got his name right cause I was so uncertain.

"It is a beauty to hear my name from your lips" he says kissing my knuckle before guiding me up the steps. I can't help but feel grand yet also.... my eyes pin to the corner of the room where a man stand watching me a small smirk on his face. I feel my heart flutter and look away. I don't think its Charles that should be escorting me right now.

The End

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