The Prince and the Pauper

Alexander smiled at Gwendolyn, a surprisingly heartwarming smile. "Shall we dance?" He asked her.

"But... I'm not wearing any shoes... and my dress is hardly suited for-"

"None of that matters to me... why should it matter what anyone else thinks?" Alexander responded. Gwendolyn looked into his eye and saw that he was serious.

"Alright." She smiled back.

And the two of them began to dance. Those who watched them may say different things: the two made a lovely couple, the two made a horrible couple, get that grubby girl out of here... but the fact is, despite it only being their first meeting, the two of them seemed made for each other. And so they danced, lost in the eyes of the other as they twirled around the ballroom.

At the end of the dance, to everyone's surprise, Alexander leaned in and gave Gwen a kiss.

"I don't care if this brings misfortune on my family, or if I am disowned... I want to spend my life with you." He said, Gwendolyn blushing hard.

"Th-this is our first meeting! Are you sure you-"

"I've made my choice... all I needed was this little dance to let me understand who you were. The question is... are you?"

Gwendolyn stood there, confused. "I... don't know..."

Alexander then did something that everyone in the ballroom would remember. He took off his Magister's crown and laid it at Gwendolyn's feet. "Miss Gwendolyn Winterhaven... Anything you desire... I will provide. You don't have to feel alone anymore. I am here... and everything else means nothing by comparison."

Gwendolyn was so taken aback by this she nearly fell over. As did Alexander's father, Cornelius (though his mother sat back, smiling approval).

Gwendolyn knelt down and placed the crown back on Alexander's head. "You... are a hopeless romantic."

"Is that a no?"

"I never said that." Gwen responded as she gave him a kiss as a return for the one he gave her earlier.

The End

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