Kathering: Away

It had been many days since I had left Gwen's side, but even if I had left, I'd be leaving her in good hands. The last I had seen her was with Soren. I was able to leave because of that, and that alone.

Soren was the only person in the world I trusted with my life. And I knew that he would trust his life with me in return. At least I had hoped.

I had walked continuously through the woods that surrounded me until, and after an entire day, I came upon a small cabin. A cabin I came to know as the cabin of the old woman Yacama.

Finally I thought as I had reached the enterence of the small door. "Old woman Yaca-" I called as I found myself tripping over a piece of string that I had clearly not seen. Damn I thought catching my fall.

Suddenly, my whole body seemed to have frozen in 'mid-stumble.'

What in the world is- My thoughts came to a halt as did the world around me. My heart slowly began to beat slower and slower as I felt blood rushing to my head.

The door flew open revealing a woman that looked to be in her mid sixties. "No one sets foot on old woman Yacama's house!" she screamed finally looking down at me. "I hope you go-, oh my!" she screamed realizing who she had caught in her trap.

"Child!" she screamed as my body began to move again. "Child!" she caught me as I fell. "Oh, dear!" she repeated over and over.

"Old woman Yacama," I smiled up at her as I saw shock fill her face once more. "You never ceace to amaze me with your near-death traps. For once, I am impressed." Then darkness swept over me as I went completely limp in her arms.


The first things I heard was the voice of an angel. A voice that sang a beautiful melody:

The branches sway with the air,
The warmth of the sun shines with care,
The soil beneath grows with life,
as the waves clash as to be with strife.

I was about to fall back asleep with the tune drifting around me until a sharp pain entered my body jerking me up into a sitting position. "Ow!" I screamed looking around.

I saw the woman stand before me smiling, "You gave me a scare there, my young Kathering."

"That was nothing compared to the scare I got when my entire body froze and my heart stopped." I countered getting up to face old Yacama.

" Nonsense!" she gave me a stern look.

"What?! 'Nonsense'?! I nearly died!"

"But you did not, and you knew I would not hurt you intentionally," she smiled and swiftly walked towards me and gave me a quick hug.

"Yeah, well you're not entirely harmless."

"Come, eat young child. You muct be starving," she smiled at headed towards a small table set for two.

I followed as soon as I heard my stomache complain. "So what was it this time? Poison? Electric shocks that kill you? Stun?"

The old woman simply smiled, "It has nothing to do with any of those, my dear. Like you, I have gained much knowledge since your last visit many years ago."

"Then what was it?" I asked eating the delicious food on the table.

"Water magic." was all she said. My fork dropped with my mouth in asonishment.

"WHAT?!" I gasped.

She casually looked out the window as she nodded.

"How?! Water has nothing to do with that. I wasn't wet, I didnt have water with me, I wasn't sweating, I haven't had water in a long time either!" I wanted to know. I was eager to know. Something inside me just burned with desire. "How?!" I asked again.

"You're lying when you say you didn't have water with you," she kept her gaze out the window.

"Uhm, I'm pretty sure I would know if I had water with me. I'd have drunk it." I asked confused.

"The human body is made up of 75 percent of water. I," she paused and looked back at me with a smile. "have learned to control that water which runs through the very veins in your body. In other words, I have complete control over almost every human in the world." An evil smile came to her lips.

I said nothing, but processed what she had said. I had remembered a man named Vland being the best at water magic, but did he know this?

"Are you surprised, young Kat?" she smiled warmly now. When I didn't speak, she simple reverted her attention to the setting sun. "Do not fret, for I was just like you when I first heard this news as well. It was simply impossible, but it is not all that hard."

"How did you control me when you were inside though?" I asked remembering that she had been inside when I came to her cabin.

"The wire you tripped over stumbled you, did it not?" she asked.

"Yes, it did." Realization hit me. "Do you have some kind of device that warns you when the wire has been triggered?"

She nodded and then added, "But because of my acute hearing, I simply heard you walk to my house. When your even foot steps became uneven, I knew someone was there. From that moment on, I simply found 'the water in your body' and controled it. Freezing you. What I didn't expect was my favorite human in the world being at my mercy" she grinned.

There was a long silence as I gawked at the woman that was before me. "That's increadible," I said.

"Yes, it is indeed very amazing," she said, "Now tell me. How are you, child? And what are you doing here?" Thats when I began my long story of how everything happened.

The End

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