Roland: Dragons, Dragons Everywhere

Seconds after Gwen's scream had set my ears ringing the Urocubus rushed into the chamber. It was a lot bigger than I remembered. I swallowed nervously. The thing turned its head toward the place where the barrier had been. I turned my head and saw a massive creature crawling out of the doorway. Its scales were darker than anything I had ever seen before.

"Sarine..." One of the Guardians whispered. He turned and ran.

It was around that time that everything went crazy.

Toranux launched itself at Sarine, trying to sink its teeth into her scales. Three smaller dragons barrelled out of the doorway and one of them launched itself at me. I guess invisibility does not count when you have an acute sense of smell. I leaped out of the way, and it landed on the guards, whose screams were quickly cut short. The battle went from us against the guards to the dragons against everyone else. Did they even realize whose side they were on?

That guy was smart to leave when he did, I thought, slashing at one of the Guardians. I turned and realized that I was standing next to Gwen.

"Can you stop the dragons long enough to get to the door?" Gwen seemed surprised at my disembodied voice, but she shrugged.

"I could try but-" It was then that the room went silent. I looked around and noticed that the dragons had killed the remaining Guardians and were now shaking their heads. Soren had his arms outstretched and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead.

"Go!" He shouted. We all turned and ran for the door. I was the last and when I looked back I noticed that Soren was not moving.

"Come on, Soren."

"I... can't..." he said, voice straining. "Go... without me."

I shook my head and ran back to him. Some people could be so dramatic. Grabbing his shoulders, I began to push him towards the door. Apparently this broke Soren's concentration because Sarine began chasing us, the other dragons running behind her. She was so close that I could feel her breath on my back. We made one last leap for the door, and I heard a great crash as Toranux knocked Sarine to the ground. The doors slammed shut.

"You... idiot." Soren said, gasping for breath. "You could...have gotten the others... killed." I looked at him, his face bright red, then at the others, pale and disheveled, and started laughing. I have no idea why. And it wasn't any normal laughter either. These were loud guffaws. After a while, everyone else began to laugh too, the sound of it echoing off the chamber walls.

"I can't believe that we survived," Derrick said, after everyone had settled down.

"Not for long." We turned in unison and I gasped.

It was the Magister Lords.

The End

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