Gwendolyn, Thomas, Derrick, and Snickers arrived at the open chambers where they first met the Urocubus. It smelled like something burning in a vat of acid: putrid and sickening.

"How are we even sure that it is still here?" Derrick asked.

"Oh, it's here, alright." Gwendolyn said, stooping down to examine the nasty bright green substance it had left behind. "This was done not too long ago... I'm guessing fifteen minutes."

"So, Gwen..." Thomas began, a bit nervous. "What's your plan when we see the Urocubus?"

"I'll try my Command spells on it, and hope for the best."

"THAT'S YOUR PLAN?!" Derrick shouted. "Hope for the best?! You're risking our lives on a gamble?"

"Hey, when I said 'I'll be right back', that usually means 'stay put'. I didn't ask for you to come along." Gwendolyn responded in a matter of fact tone. Derrick was about to respond when a deafening roar shook through the entire chamber.

The Urocubus slithered in, its mouth open so large Gwendolyn thought it could even swallow Sarine herself whole, green acid dripping down from its forked tongue. Its scales were a hideous bright red, and the eyeless snake face looked straight at them. It saw them, it smelled them... it was hungry.

As the Urocubus began to slither forward, Gwendolyn focused her power on its mind, trying to get in. Just as the Urocubus was about to swallow her and her friends whole, it stopped, an acid dripping fang inches from Gwen's face.

A sorceress of Command? 'Tis been ages since one of you have come into my cavern and sought my aid.

Gwendolyn blinked in disbelief. "You... are communicating with me?"

Derrick and Thomas looked at each other. "Gwen, who are you talking to?" Derrick asked.

These must be grave times indeed if you seek the help of Toranux, King of all Urocubi.

Gwen smiled. "Well, no wonder you are so huge! You aren't just any Urocubus, you're the king!" It was like having her worst nightmare and wildest dream, happening at the exact same time.

Flattery will get you nowhere. Toranux responded. Now, tell me, young enchantress... for what reason hast thou come into my cavern and sought my aid?

Gwendolyn cleared her throat. "Most ancient of Urocubi, down this cavern is none other than Sarine of the Dark Dragons, having made your cave her roost, along with the rest of her brood. They block our passage-"

SARINE!!! Toranux hissed with such revulsion and hatred acid flew everywhere, barely missing Gwendolyn by a couple of inches. That filthy bottom feeder dares show her face HERE?! I was here long before her! I ruled over the Urocubi centuries before she was even a thought! Any dragon within my cavern is unwelcome, but Sarine is the worst of her lot, taking what is not rightfully hers, murdering creatures even when she doesn't need to feed! She makes me SICK!

Gwendolyn tried hard to retain her composure, but that was incredibly hard when you had a gigantic eyeless snake hiss in your face dripping venom and acid. "She's down that way." Gwen pointed, and Toranux just slithered past them, down the hole.

Derrick and Thomas stared after him, eyes wide. "What just happened?" Thomas asked.

Gwen shrugged. "Apparently this Urocubus has a serious hate towards Sarine."

"Well, that's convenient." Derrick answered.

"Anyway, we better follow him, and make sure he doesn't hurt our friends."

The End

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