Roland: Yikes

I watched in horror as the floor began to burn. I hadn't expected him to burn through the floor. I had been expecting a nice little wind spell that drills a neat hole in the ground and lowers you gently. Also, I was reminded of one ill fated use of magic in a sewer several days ago when we needed to get somewhere fast.

"Uh, maybe you shouldn't..."

"Orsaw's drill of destruction!" There was a massive explosion and we began to fall.  I screamed and just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped and we crashed into the ground I stood unsteadily and realized that the room was filled with royal guardians. Uh oh.

I quickly turn invisible. Soren sent a blast of wind towards the guardians that knocked out a lot of the guardians that hadn't been hurt when we fell through the ceiling. A blast of fire from Jon burned another group of them. I went unseen among them, and the guards went down with looks of surprise on their faces.  Kiandra snatched water from pitchers on the tables and attacked them with that.

I felt a pinch and yelped. The spell muffled the sound, but I saw one of the guards coming toward me, a look of cold determination on her face. I was confused at first but then I realized that she had used an uncloaking spell. She could see me. I waited until she was jabbed at me, then I dropped onto my hands, caught her wrist with my legs, and flung her into one of the guards Kiandra was fighting. She looked shocked for a second then continued slashing at the other guard that she had been fighting.

I kept on fighting, swinging my sword. It almost felt like a game. Unreal. I turned and noticed one of the guards slashing the air wildly. I stared in horror as the sword came at me. I didn't have time to react. Suddenly, I found myself across the room. I blinked in confusion as I watched Jon cut the guard down. What just happened? Had I moved that fast? I looked around and realized that the rest of the guards were gone. I took off the cloaking spell and walked toward the others. They had cut and bruises, but no one was seriously hurt. Soren walked to the door on the other side of the room and placed his hands on it.

"This is it. The barrier is behind this door, and so are the lords." I walked toward and immediately got a splitting headache. I stepped back a bit. How could Soren stand to be so close?

We heard a loud roar above us.

"It sounds like they found the Urocubus." Kiandra noted.

The End

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