Soren Falcian

"GWEN! Where are you going? The chamber is this way!" I shouted after her.

"I know! But trust me on this! I'll be back soon! I promise!"She replied.

"I know what shes up to!" Thomas cried."She is going to get the Urocubus!"

"The what?"  I asked completely oblivious.

"A creature that preys on dragons, we ran into it a while back." Roland explained.

"That's brilliant! but don't you think you guys quite a distance away from when you last saw it?" I asked.

"Yes." Thomas said," But...... no that's probably not going to work." Thomas spoke.

"What do you mean?"Kiandra pushed him lightly.

"Well Maybe I could open up the gate that brought us here again, but that time was only becuase I had seen a shooting star." He explained.

"It could be possible." Derrik cut in,"Slim but possible, you would have to imagine the moment clearly in your head, and this time it would take a strong amount of magic, but I have no doubt you could do it Thomas." He smiled confidently.

"Well if that’s the case Thomas I suggest you catch up to Gwendolyn, and try opening up that magical gate again." I said in with a light commanding tone.

"I will accompany them as well." Derrick said turning around.

"That's probably a good idea." I said," We'll wait here for you, but if something happens we'll try to leave you something to find us by."

Derrick nodded before him and Thomas ran down the hall after Gwen. I had an uneasy feeling things were not going to go as planned but he wasn't given much choice. Sarine and her dark dragons were powerful even if the legends had over exaggerated her power.

"You underestimate your own strength's Soren. You have yet to carve your own legend but undoubtedly you will become one." He heard the Griffin's voice in his head.

"I have no wish to be a legend, nor to be remembered as one when I die." I said under my breath.

"Your actions determine who you are, and you cannot ignore this struggle, so you will act and be remembered accordingly. Trust your own strengths, Sarine will not just attack your physically. She will try to make you doubt yourself, smother all hope. You cannot walk into this battle in fear! Be brave Soren for you bare the name of Falcian wear it proudly!" 

I clenched my fist, I had to stand tall, they was no point on doubting myself, the voice was correct.  We waited for the others speaking very little to each other when the sounds of footsteps grew closer.

"Are they back?" Jon asked getting up quickly looking down the corridor.

"Were in trouble!" He hissed loudly enough to wake those who had fallen asleep quite enough it wouldn't warn the enemy that was fast approaching us.

"Who is it?"

"Its a squad of royal guardians, and they coming this way." He said grabbing his weapon and readying his other hand to use a spell. Roland , and Kiandra got up also readying themselves.

Jon and I waited at the door waiting to ambush the bastards. I felt my heart rate increase and certain sense of confidence. We let the first two royal guardians in, then made our move. Jon used a blast of fire throwing them towards me. I increased the strength of the flames they  were turned to ashes quickly however now the rest of them were aware of our presence and were on guard. I engaged one with my sword over powering him quickly as he stepped back and lost balance with each slash of my blade, his face showed fear, as he realized who I was. Wind built up on my blade to the point it was visible.  I let it loose in when my blade connected with him he hit the wall the wind cutting through his weak defensice spell slicing his arms and blasting off a portion of the rock. I turned around Jon was taking on to much heat, Roland, and Kiandra were holding their own but we were far out numbered. I conjured up more wind, enough the room was shaking from the force of it.

"Jon Release another blast of fire!" I ordered as I  moved the wind along side of him. The fire connected with the stream of wind I whirled the stream around Jon protecting him from various spells and attacks.  Then I expanded the stream knocking the royal guardians back.  With a quick sweep the the stream drilled and burned them into the wall, the fire had gone out but the intensity of the wind hadn't.  I turned my attentions to Roland and Kiandra they had fared well with just three remaining, I released my control of the wind and engaged them with my blade. The battle had been won quickly, but with ruckus we had made no doubt there would be more coming for us. 

"We have to enter the cavern below us now!" I shouted, Jon agreed with a quick nod.

"I'm sure the others will know that we went down there." Roland said.

"That is if they haven't been caught." Jon said bitterly.

"We'll just have to find that out for ourselves." I said beginning to cast a destruction spell,"Standback!"

A glow of swirling red gathered in the palm of my right hand, it grew twice in size ever second. I pressed both hands on the ground below me, the red glow soon started to materialize into a steamy looking matter.  The floor began to burn the spell was ready.

"Orsaw's drill of destruction!" I shouted.

The room filled with an intense bright light followed by a massive "BOOM!" I began to fall my the light dissipated, and all of us falling rate on top of the surprised faces of the royal guardians.

The End

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