Down the Cavern

Gwnedolyn was in the middle of the group, perhaps for her own protection. Regardless, she still felt a bit exposed. Gwen wasn't used to actual combat, only forcing her opponents to stand down with command spells. However, she needed her full strength going up against the nobles, so using them on the soldiers wasn't exactly an option for her.

And then there was the matter of Sarine and her dark dragons. If she was still simply Gwendolyn Winterhaven, the Forest Witch, odds are she would be destroyed almost immediately. And even now, as Gwendolyn Eldrisha, last of the noble house of Eldrisha, the prospect was still uncertain.

But Gwen shook her head. Since when is anything in life a certainty? She was eventually going to die anyway, why not by dark dragon fire?

Snickers looked up at her and meowed. "You're thinking too small, milady. Think... now that your command spells are at their zenith, you can command anything. Even things without eyes."

"What are you getting at, Snicks?" Gwendolyn asked, and Snickers purred playfully.

"I'm sure the thought should have at least crossed your mind at some point. The dragons of light aren't the only thing the dragons of darkness dread. Something that lacks eyes... something that HATES dragons, regardless of what kind they are. Don't you remember?"

Then it suddenly hit her. "Of course... the Urocubus!"

"Bingo!" Snickers smiled wide. "That's your answer. You don't have to defeat Sarine and her dragons... just chase her off or distract her at the very least. And what better creature to do that than that eyeless serpent and the natural enemy of the dragon?"

Gwendolyn nodded. "Alright, it's worth a shot." Gwen suddenly ran from the rest of the group, taking a torch with her. They all stared after her.

"GWEN! Where are you going? The chamber is this way!" Soren shouted after her.

"I know! But trust me on this! I'll be back soon! I promise!"

The End

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