Thomas: Fear

We were all standing around this spot in the temple that was supposed to open up right overhead a battalion of soldiers. And I was frightend. I've fought many times while I've been with this group, but this seemed different. And Fanaalm was talking about Sarine of the Dark Dragons. I've only heard legends of her, but those legends were terrifying.

"Is it actually true that Sarine was once so bored that she destroyed the world before reforming it?" I asked.

"I doubt it, but her power is something to fear." Soren replied.

"But," I started, "What if we end up having to fight her?"

Soren's face looked grim, "Well, we will try to destroy her to the best of our abilities."

"But, it won't just be her." Derrick interjects, "We also have the Dark Dragons to worry about, from the legends I know they have two forms, a human warrior form and a dragon form. But they have dangerous magic, it doesn't follow the same rules that ours does."

"So, what will we do?" I asked.

"This might be the end." Derrick replied.

"Or, it might be a new beginning." Gwendolyn said.

"Well, whatever happens, I'm glad that I've spent these past months together. And if the end is coming, it will be an honor to die next to you guys." I said, starting to tear up.

"Hey," Soren yelled, "We're not talking about that right now. We're going in alive, and that's how we're coming out."

"Ok, then let's go in." I smiled.

The End

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