Soren: Quiet before the storm

"A chamber under this temple?" I said to the man my eyes very serious, and dangerous, I had my doubts, but it wasn't an impossibility my father Zaleus had kept many things from me apparently.

"Yes, I swear my life by it!" The man cried.

"You do, do you? What is your name?" I said.


"Fanaalm. Do you know who I am?" He nodded," Good because Fanaalm, it is with my realm of abilities to kill you if I find myself to be in a trap!and if I am in a trap I will make sure every piece of your existence will destroyed, and you'll cease to ever exist!" I growled.

"Uncle Soren! He is being honest!" Thomas called out horrified by my threat.

"Thomas! You cannot be so Naive in this world!" I said my true heartlessness coming out.  I could see a tear start swell in his eye," I'm sorry Thomas." I said quietly. 

"I say we have no choice but to trust this man." I said to the others," Derrick, and Jon you have spent far more time with everyone here then I, however I do suggest that we'll need to be a full power to take on the Nobles, or otherwise even with command power at our side we will lose.  I know this , from my encounter with them in the throne room, and if they are stronger I assure you the losses will be great."

"Well Derrick," Started," Thomas is greatest at strategy here."

"This is true." Jon piped in.

"Thomas?" Soren asked.

"Well the man was saying the chamber below in the first room is the bulk of infantry but they aren't well trained, and serve more as distraction against the enemy until the royal guardians come. So if possible I suggest sealing them or putting them to sleep somehow."

"That sounds fair however that’s easier said then done Soren countered. The royal guardians would have put up a barrier that senses unregistered magic within a perimeter. So as soon as were in, the battle starts and royal guardians are in on us."

"Either way we will be encountering them Soren." Derrick.

"Yes but them having to fight a battle with both them and a common warrior is a battle best avoided. Their tactics will be to split us up and overwhelm with the common fighter then they rush in and finish off. I have no doubt we will survive but we have to protect Gwendolyn and allow her to keep her strength against the lords."

"Then what do you suggest Soren?" Jon said.

" Well we can't enter in discretely can we, so how about we come from above with some gusto! Land on top of the royal guardians head. They won't have time to respond. The common  fighters will come up behind us, but that’s okay. Jon and I can take them out quickly with a massiver shockwave and hurricane blast from the side should be able to take out the majority of them while you guys go up ahead."

"Soren sir. Your plan sounds a lot more sound, but up ahead their lurks dark magic barrier. Many men have gone mad just by being around that barrier. Even the royal guardians have befallen the same fate, and behind that barrier is rumoured Sarine of the dark dragons."

My jaw loosened in amazement, " How credible are these rumours?" Jon said very seriously.

" well the royal guardians keep muttering things about the barrier being produced by Sarine and saying that the Lords are stupid align themselves with the dragons of the dark."

I could feel a sense of hopelessness befell all of us even Gwendolyn with her truly amazing power," Things aren't completely lost, I muttered. The dragons of the dark live in the dark because the dragons of light keep them in check. So that does mean they are beatable. We just never encountered thier type of magic.  I doubt we will make it through that barrier unscathed, but I have a extensive knowledge of barriers and protection, and when it comes to dealing with the Dragons I personally volunteer myself to hold them back, till my last breath with every spell I know! It may leave a shallow margin to attack the lords, but with Gwendolyn's power it can be done." 

"That's to much of a gamble but were short on time." Derrick said, the other agreed.

At no point in my life did I feel ready to face death in the face, and sneer at it. However the thought of encountering a dragon of the dark shook me to the core, but with the current time, we needed to act quickly.

"Alright this about the right spot above the guardians."Fanaalm said.

"Thank you."Thomas said.

"I'm sorry with my threat Fanaalm"

"If it all possible, bring the Rebel forces here as fast as possible." Jon.

"Good luck."Derrick said.

Everyone thanked him.

"Alright any last things before we do this?" I asked, starting to form a rock crushing destruction spell hopefully I wouldn't need to use much more destruction spells.

The End

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