Testing Her Powers

Gwendolyn sat there, watching the others as they rested, all the while her mind was a buzz with thoughts and ideas. She was excited about her new powers... perhaps even a bit too excited.

She began to experiment with her powers, commanding anything she could find to do something it normally would not, or even could not, do. All in the interest of learning about her powers, anyway. She told a rock to dance (which surprised her when it it started to do ballet), a flower to walk towards her, and the soil to write her name. It was all amazing to see what her powers were capable of, but part of her still felt vulnerable. As if her power also came with a debilitating weakness.

As if all this power could consume her. She immediately stopped what she was doing and hugged her knees, a little frightened about what she could do. It was her natural gift... so why did it feel so unnatural to make the rocks dance, to make the flowers walk towards the life giving water and sunlight, to make the very earth itself etch your name into itself? Because power can corrupt.

It was then that she made a vow to herself: to never use her magic for anything that might seem evil.

The End

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