"What can you tell us about this?" Roland asked Derrick.

"Why are you asking me?" Derrick replied in the same tone.

"Do you have any idea how many times you've had to explain things about magic to us? Gwendolyn might be the most powerful, but you know the most. Tell us what's happening." Kathering piped up "I'm sure you can think of something."

Derrick sighed. "It's not much compared to the actual story, but I do know a little of this.  Command magic hasn't been used for a hundred years because of how powerful it is. Snuffing out a candle like this is child's play, it won't take any sort of toll on Gwen at all. The only reason she might be tired is from the rush of power she got."

"Continue. . ." Roland said carefully.

"This place is legendary. Scholars believe that Command magic was born here. According to legend, it's not only your power, or the power used by the four elementals to help it awaken. The six before Gwendolyn fused their power into that alter, into this place"


"Alden of Ygdrasil, Brisaeus the White Witch, Coraline Snow, Dimitri Aegus, Eduard of Serena's Knights, and Frae the Strong. Gwendolyn is the seventh person on this earth to ever gain the ability of Command. . . .through natural causes, that is." Derrick added uncomfortably. "I doubt that the quack has as much power as this. People who can use Command are special. Although Gwendolyn might be small, her body was built for this. Her mind was made to control the magic."

"Then, what about the staff?" Gwendolyn asked. "How is it significant?"

"The staff merely marks the carrier of this power. It will always find the carrier if lost, no matter who it may be." Derrick said, reciting what he had studied in the scrolls belonging to the magic academy. "It's part of the magic. While it doesn't define you, it defines the magic itself. No double of it has ever survived."

"I see. . .so that's why I had the staff in the first place." Gwen murmured.

"When you are ready to gain the full force of your powers, the staff will call forth a way to this temple. Soren was brought here because we needed his wind ability, but were separated from him. Kiandra tends to favor earth magic, and Jon uses fire just as well as lightning. Thomas Aquos is self-explanatory." Derrick explained. "They were merely tools for your power's awakening. But they are very important. The Command magic knows who it must trust most."

"Then, I've stolen power from Jonathon and the rest?" Gwen whispered, horrified.

"No, no, no." Derrick said quickly, seeing tears come to Gwen's eyes. "Tools for activating your power. They still have as much power as before. They're fine, just need to rest for a while. They should come back in a hour or so.

Gwendolyn breathed a sigh of relief. "Do you know the extent of my power?"

"No." Derrick replied bluntly. "Only you can find that out. Let's make a fire and stay warm." he grabbed branches from the temple walls. "I've read about this. Making a fire is fine." he added when Roland and Gwen glanced around nervously.

Soon the four of them were sitting around a small fire, silently waiting for Soren, Jon, Kianrda and Thomas to return.

The End

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