To Command All

Gwen felt a surge of power rush up the staff, and through the staff the energies of Thomas, Kiandra, Soren and Jonathan ran through her body, causing her to start convulsing in pain. It was so much power, so fast...

Gwendolyn collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily. Somehow she felt... much more powerful than before. That there were no more barriers to her whim. That she could command anything with nothing but a word... anything.

Gwen tried to stand up, but the power rush had knocked the wind out of her and made her physically weaker. But stood up, she did.

She walked slowly over to her friends and stared at a candle burning in the background. She had to try it... something in her demanded that she try her new power on it.

"Candle, snuff out." She said. It snuffed out.

Gwen blinked. Then a broad smile spread across her face. Now she knew, without a shadow of a doubt, there was nothing for her to fear again. She not only had wonderful friends... but now, her powers had reached their zenith as well. And the thought of being able to protect herself... made her smile.

The End

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