Gwendolyn: Exploring the Temple

While the rest of the group was talking, Gwendolyn was moving around, trying her best to keep the frost magic that Arkham used on her from taking effect again. All Gwen knew was Arkham was stronger... much stronger than how she remembered him. Originally he needed others to do the fighting for him, as his magic, poison, was slow acting and was more or less useless in direct combat, it was better for things like crowd control. But now...

"Mistress Gwendolyn, please. Smile. I like it better when you smile." Snickers the bobcat interrupted Gwen's trail of thought, and sat next to her, rubbing against her bare legs.

Gwen smiled. "You're right, I shouldn't feel terrible. I just had a bit of a rough evening is all." Gwen stooped down and scooped Snickers up in her arms, and playfully tickled the bobcat's tummy. "Oh, Snickers, you seem to be putting on some weight. Just look at that tummy! Look at it!" Gwen giggled and was back to her old, happy self.

"If you are done tickling me, Madame, may I draw your attention to this specific carving?" Snickers asked as Gwen set him down, and he bounded towards the one in the opposite wall. "Does anything in the picture look... familiar to you?"

Gwen inspected it, and she nearly dropped her jaw. "Four elements... surrounding a staff... and a person holding said staff. The staff is definetely the one I'm carrying right now."

"Now, look at the floor." Snickers instructed. When Gwendolyn did so, she nearly dropped the staff.

"Guys, you might want to come and take a look at this."

The End

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