Thomas: Mystical Beasts

"Soren, you've encountered a griffon twice. Perhaps connection to magical creatures runs through your family." Derrick looked at Soren, who nodded.


"But, we do." Everyone looks at me. "My dad was taught his powers by Sea Monsters. Soren told me that when he was younger Griffons used to visit him, and that his dad, my grandpa, was always followed around by Dragons. My dad told me that the Falcian bloodline has a special power, that our base magic type isn't fixed until the age of 3. Except for me, because the Sea Monsters changed my dad's name, and made a pact with him about water an' all."

"So, the Falcian bloodline was blessed by dragons somewhere back?" Derrick asks, looking enthused.

"Yeah, probably."

The End

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