Blessed by Dragons

Derrick had been more surprised at where Soren was rather then how bad his wounds were. Together with Kathering, he had helped heal the worst of them. After taking into account how they had come to be at this temple in the first place.

Later on, after the group had reunited themselves with Soren, the sat around a fire outside the temple.  They began by telling Soren of the events he had missed, and were now listening to Soren's tale.

"Then, I used a wind spell I once read, and with that I was able to get here. I've been exploring, but I'm not that sure what to do next." Soren said. "I only know that I shouldn't use destruction magic much anymore."

"That's understandable." Derrick said. "Destructive magic and other types like shadow or shroud magic has a different effect then elemental magic, which is more natural. It's the same with Command or Manipulation magic, it's also got a different feel to it, whether it's on the castor's side or not." he poked at the fire a bit.

"Yeah, I've noticed that, too." said Thomas, always adept with magic. "So then, there are three categories for magic?"

"Something like that." Derrick affirmed. "For basic definitions, yes there are three categories. But magic is very complicated, once you begin to study it. I can teach you whatever you want to know later on if you like."


They sat in silence for a moment, then Soren spoke up again.

"So, how did you all find me? You didn't tell me that."

"Oh, that. Derrick keeps saying that Thomas is blessed by the dragons." Kiandra piped up.

"Though we wouldn't know." Jon added.

"When a child is granted a wish by a dragon, it means that they are blessed by the dragons." Derrick said. "I told you this, didn't I, Kiandra? A dragon's blood is thick with magic. How else can they breath fire? The dragons must have seen Thomas and his ability, and sensed his potential. Fortunately for us, the wish brought us to where we needed to be."

"I suppose that makes sense." Kiandra remarked.

"So, what exactly happened?" Soren asked again.

"I saw a shooting star, and wished that we could find you." Thomas explained. "Then a portal to the temple appeared. When we figured out what was going on, Derrick told us why it happened. I don't really think that dragons are that interested in me, but he keeps insisting on it."

"That's because it's true. Soren, you've encountered a griffon twice. Perhaps connection to magical creatures runs through your family." Derrick looked at Soren, who nodded.


The End

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