Thomas: Deus Ex Machina

Gwen tried to get Adrian to tell us where Soren was, but he honestly didn't know. We were right back at square one. So, we just sort of sat around, feeling hopeless and hoping for Soren to come back or for some way to get to him.

Everyone took turns watching over Adrian, making sure he didn't escape and didn't kill us all. Pretty quickly, day turned to night and stars twinkled overhead, as if speaking some cosmic morse code.

And then, suddenly, a light shot across the night sky.

A shooting star. I thought to myself. It's said that if you see a shooting star you get to make a wish. And so, I began to speak my wish.

"I wish we could go to wherever Soren was."

And then, as if by some trick of fate a strange thing began to happen. It looked like a doorway, and on the other side was Soren and some strange temple. Seeing the portal I ran to the rest of the group.

"Guys, you'll never believe it, come here!"

They all woke up with grumbling and annoyance. But then, when I showed them the portal they were more thankful. We quickly walked through the portal and into the temple where Soren was, leaving Adrian behind. And as the last of us walked through the portal, it closed, leaving us in this temple, with Soren, and with the next leg of our quest.

The End

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