Roland: Adrian

The darkness receded and Adrian was sitting there with burns up his arms. He on his knees and breathing heavily. I felt kind of sorry for him. But I didn't want to look weak in front of the others.

"What do we do now?" I asked, lifting my sword.

"Don't kill him." Gwen said. "I'll ask him where Soren is. Maybe he'll lead us there." Gwen walked up to Adrian and crouched to his level. He turned away from her.

"Look into my eyes." Her voice was so powerful, even I felt a slight tug to obey. But then I noticed Adrian grasping for his dagger.

"Look out!" I shouted, racing towards her. I was fast, but Derrick was faster. With one fluid movement he used his magic to push Adrian into a wall, where he collapsed in a heap. He struggled to his feet as Gwen tried again.

"Take us to Soren." He glared at her with a look of pure hatred. Then he turned and began to walk.

As I began to follow I realized that I had little reason to. After all, what did this have to do with me? I could just hid and wait till this blew over. It was amazing; if I hadn't met Gwen and Vand I wouldn't be here. Well, actually, I would probably be floating in the sewers. I pondered that for a while.

"Roland!" Kathering's irritated voice reached me from from far ahead. "What are you waiting for?" I ran to catch up. I couldn't quit now.

The End

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