Capturing Adrian

"Adrian!" Derrick exclaimed, staring at the black-clothed young man in surprise.

He pulled a dagger out of a holder at his left hip, glaring at them.

"Yes, it's me, Prepare to die!"  he screamed. As he lifted his dagger, he disappeared.

Then, it was as if black walls were surrounding them.

"What's happening?" Thomas shrieked. "What was that guy?"

"The Lords' cursed pet. I think he's a half-noble, but there's not really time to explain." Kiandra

The walls of shadow seemed to twist around them, and the group stepped closer together.

"What should we do now?" Kathering turned to look at Jon.

"Well, don't ask me, I have no idea how to capture him!" he exclaimed. "Derrick, you captured him once before. Is there anything we can do?"

"I'm working on that!" Derrick snapped. "The spell here is a time-cruncher, of some sort, but I've never seen shadows structured like this before. It's different from other types because of it's origin."

"This'll be fun to get out of." Roland remarked sarcastically.

"Now is not the time for a magic lesson! You know more about magic then any of us, can't you do something?" Kiandra demanded. "Think, and fast!"

"If you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly in the best shape to use any sort of spell powerful enough to help! If you want him captured quickly, you'll have to do it yourself."

"Not every one can use manipulation magic, I know! But you have a spell we can use, don't you?"

The shadow swirled closer.  Thomas grabbed Derrick's arm, staring at him in fright. "What's the most effective against this? If I cry, I could use water to-"

"No way, kid." Derrick stepped back, nearly bumping into Jon. "Water isn't effective against shadows as all. Fire would be our best bet."

"Then get Kathering to help." he cried, desperate. "I saw her use fire before, maybe she could help!"

"Maybe." Derrick pulled his arm free. "Stick near Roland." he ordered.

"Touching as this is, Derrick, we're running low on time." Jon snapped. "If you have a plan, now would be a good time to execute it."

"I got that from how tight Adrian's magic is becoming." Derrick retorted. "Kathering, Kiandra, come here and listen closely. This is what you need to do. . . . ."

As the shadows closed in even more, Derrick knew that even Thomas would begin felt the tightness of the magic, like a cloth being wrung out.

After a quick minute of whispering, the two of them stepped as free of the group as they could, extending their hands. Then, Kiandra recited a locating spell.

"Seeking sources, flames ignite/ shadow castor come back from the night"

Flames licked from her fingers, slowly merging with the weave of Adrian's shadow magic.

"Now, Kathering, follow up like I told you! The two of you recite in turns every time the flames recede." Derrick ordered, hoping that his plan would work.

Kathering stepped sideways, placing her hands over Kiandra's.  "Spell which I grasp/ excel in your task."  she recited softly.

As the two of them took turns reciting, Kiandra's fire leeched into the flow of Adrian's magic.


"What are they doing?" Thomas whispered in awe, staring at the orange fire seeping through the walls of black.

"I think they're. . .disrupting the spell, by going through the flow of Adrian's magic." Jon replied uncertainly.

"If you can get through the flow of magic, it's possible to reverse it. Out of all the natural elements, fire's always proved the most effective against shadows." Derrick recalled, as Kiandra recited for the fifth time. "It took me a while to remember after casting those spells inside-"

"Of course, but how long is this going to take?" Roland cut in. "We can only wait here for so long."

"With Kiandra's level of magic alone, it should be quite soon. The only reason we're not roasting right now is because Adrian is so powerful. Now, watch this."

Derrick placed hand on Kiandra's shoulder. "Recite only the second half of your spell." he whispered.

"Shadow castor come back from the night?" Kiandra and Kathering asked in unison.

Then, the wall of shadow leeched with fire disappeared.

The End

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