Thomas: Expect the Unexpected

"We'll think of something." Jon stood up. "Roland, would you be willing to help me with this?" he called, pointing to the mad doctor.

I stood up and interrupted before Roland had a chance to respond.

"I think we should get out of here with Gwen while we can. We can't fight this guy, and we most certainly can't kill him."

Jon sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his forefinger and thumb. Then, Roland spoke.

"We can kill him, right Jon? We just need to come up with a strategy?"

Jon shook his head, "No, the kid's right. There's a sort of ethereal magic about Arkham. Something that we can't really understand. A kind of magic like when Vand sacrificed himself. It wasn't a power, it wasn't natural, but it worked. Even though the mage thieves had stolen his powers, it still worked. I feel something similar about Arkham, we can't kill him."

"Guys, I'm really dizzy right now, can we just make up our minds?" Derrick said, struggling to stay upright.

"Ok, let's grab Gwen and leave." Jon commanded.

Roland picked up Gwen and held her over his shoulder. And I helped Derrick to walk steadily. Together, as a team, we managed to get out of the room. Jon, being a magister, knew exactly where to go to get out. And so we all simply followed him, putting our faith in his abilities to lead us out.

I looked around and felt some sort of nostalgia. Like I would miss this place.

Finally we got out of the above-ground doors. And we walked out into a field that stretched out in every direction. But then, I heard the crunching of dry grass under feet. I turned around and saw someone who I'd never met before. The others then turned around as well, and Derrick was the first to speak.


I looked upon this figure dawned in black. He was frightening, and he pulled a dagger out of the holder on his left hip.

"Yes, it's me. Prepare to die!" He screamed this as he lifted his dagger and disappeared.

The End

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