No time for recovery

As Arkham threw and rethrew knives and surgery tools, Derrick blocked them and ran across the "lab" that they had just entered.

Roland was trying to free Gwen, who seemed to have something terribly wrong with her. Her magic seemed a little different; a little. . . . .colder if anything.  Had Arkham tried to change her magic?

"Move, so I can heal her." he ordered Roland.

"You can heal?" Roland asked as he jumped aside.

Derrick ignored him and placed one hand on Gwendolyn's forehead, trying to search for what Arkham had done.  Glancing down on her face, he saw frozen tears. Cold. . . .ice magic?

Arkham was growing more and more irritated, even ripping chains out of the wall to use on the jail-freed crew.

"Great." Derrick snapped as he realized Gwen's condition. He pressed his hand hard onto her forehead, and placed another on her wrist. 

"Become alive as the one at your side." he whispered, feeling his power drain out of him and into Gwendolyn.

As the healing spell began to cure her, Arkham began to grow even more furious.

"You shall not escape alive!"  he screamed.

"Come on, come on!" Derrick exclaimed. "Don't move!" he added as Gwen opened her eyes and looked around her.

"Der. . .rick." she murmured. "Where's-"

"Gwendolyn!" Derrick grabbed her shoulders and sat her up, knowing the spell had worked enough. "Listen to me very closely. What I need you to do is look at Arkham and order him to still. Just look at him and say the word still. I will help you. Do you understand?"

"I. . ." she stopped and glanced at him.

"Look at Arkham and scream the word still." Derrick repeated. "My power will be enough. Just use the word, Gwendolyn. There isn't much time!"

He turned her so that she was facing Arkham, then whispered a spell that he had not used in a very, very long time. "As one mind let this magic flow/by the cast of Gwendolyn Winterhaven I may use the spell."

"Arkham, be still!" Gwendolyn screamed as Derrick's magic took effect.

To the surprise of everyone in the room, Arkham stilled.  Roland, Kiandra and the others quickly dodged falling knives and chains for a moment before turning to stare at the two of them.

Derrick released Gwen from the spell, and let her fall backwards. Roland caught her, both of them staring at him.  "Good thinking." he murmured to Derrick.

"Gwen!" Kathering, Kiandra, and Thomas bolted across the room.

Derrick sank down against a nearby wall, suddenly feeling very dizzy. He needed to hold the spell until they decided what to do with Arkham.

"Derrick." Jon knelt down in front of him. "What did you do?"

"Only one good thing came out of that Adrian situation." Derrick murmured. "I remembered the spell to merge the magic of more then one castor."

"Oh." was Jon's reply. "That's all very well. . ."

"But what to do about Arkham?" Derrick finished, grinning. "Think of something, quickly. Possibly before I pass out?"

"We'll think of something." Jon stood up. "Roland, would you be willing to help me with this?" he called, pointing to the mad doctor.

The End

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