Roland: Rescue

I winced at the sound of Gwen screaming. My eyes scanned the still forms on the ground, and I noticed that one particularly small figure was shivering uncontrollably. Grabbing him by the collar, I dragged the little boy to his feet.

"Take us to Gwendolyn!" I shouted. The boy hastily lit a small lamp and began to lead us along. For once, threats had worked.  As we were led along, the screams got louder. Then, silence. We paused for a moment. Thomas looked at me nervously.

"You don't she died, do you?"

"Of course not." I said, hoping I was right. I saw the door up ahead, and told the kid to go. There were two guard, but the fled after a short fight.  Derrick kicked open the door, and we ran inside. The was an operating table, and Gwen was lying on it, her eyes closed. Arkham smiled at us, looking as crazy as every. He had an uncomfortably large amount of blood on his smock, and unfortunately, I was sure it was not his.

"Don't you know that it is not safe to be in here? You could contaminate my work area." 

He began throwing knives so furiously that it was hard to get in closer for close combat. Thomas and Kiandra threw a few  water daggers of their own and Kathering used fire. Jonathan threw lightning, which was quite terrifying in an enclosed space. I dodged one and noticed it was glistening. Poison. We would have to be careful. Odd that he was using poison, though. I suppose he was just toying with us and that sooner or later he would just command us to kill ourselves.

While they fought, I ran to the operating table and cut the leather straps holding Gwen with my sword. She didn't move and I noticed frozen tears on her cheeks. Derrick walked up to me. 

"Move so I can heal her." 

"You can heal?"

He just laid his hands on her forehead. I ran over to the fight. After a while, I noticed that Arkham was getting more and more frustrated, and closer to using command magic on us. If that happened, it was going to be that much harder to defeat him.

The End

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