Gwendolyn: Experiments

Gwendolyn had to be forcibly chained down to the operating table, since Command magic simply doesn't work on someone with the same power. She screamed and she wailed, but it was all in vain.

"Please, this is hardly befitting the heiress of the Eldrisha family. Take it with some dignity." Arkham spoke harshly to her, his patience wearing thin from Gwendolyn's frightened outburst.

"You, and all the other magister families, took that away from me when you destroyed my home, made me a prisoner, and turned my brother into your slave!" Gwendolyn angrily shot back.

"You should really be blaming Adrian for your misfortune. His birth alone brought this down upon you. His thieving for your sake only made us have to deal with him more harshly," Arkham answered, pulling out a scapel and smiling. "Do you remember the last time you were here? This is the exact same scapel I used on you all those years ago... I kept it washed and rust free just so that when you came back, I could continue where I left off, as if nothing had changed! Haven't used it on anybody except you!" He began laughing maniacally.

Gwen's eyes opened wide with terror, first at Arkham, and then at the mage next to him... she remembered... oh, did she remember...

She just wish she had her amnesia back.


Even down in the dungeon, they could hear Gwendolyn's scream of agony, and they could only imagine just what he was doing to her. They wanted to help her, but they didn't know where she was.


The End

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