Thomas: Jail

I sat in the corner, curled up with my arms around my knees. I was sobbing and tears were streaming down my face. Kiandra was there and seemed akward, like she didn't know what to do. Then, one of the guards stood outside the cell and shouted in.

"Tell that punk to shut up or I'll give him something to cry about!"

This only prompted me to cry harder. I was scared, and afraid of what was going on. How could I use my powers in a situation like this. Then, Kiandra scooted over near me and shushed me. Then, she put her arm over my shoulders and rocked me.

"Umm, it'll be Ok. Please stop crying." She bit her lip, and considered something. "Believe it or not, I cried a lot as a child. And my mom always sang to me to make me feel better. So, I'm gonna try to sing now."

She smiled weakly and began to hum a soft lullaby. The sound seemed to ring through the air, clear as a crystal. Then, she began to sing. Her voice was delicate and soft, quite unlike when she spoke normally. It was as if this whole knew person took over. And as she sung, it seemed the entire jail hushed down to hear. I eventually stopped crying.

When she finished, it seemed like reality finally set in. Except this time, I wouldn't freeze. This time, I wouldn't leave my friends. This time, I would be a man, like my father was.

So then, I stood up and I created a large amount of water all around me. And I sent it all around, cutting through the walls and the bars and everything that was keeping us all captive. The bars fell apart and the guards tried to attack me, I killed one and Derrick stole his sword, and then killed the other guard. Roland came over and grabbed the sword of the other guard.

Then, I noticed all the other prisoners looking at me expectantly. As if I would be their saviour. And so, using water, I cut apart all the bars for the jail cells. Roland, Derrick, Kiandra, Kathering and I all walked through the delapidated hallways as the prisoners rushed past us. On their way out, on their way to freedom.

The End

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