Roland: Capture

Arkham. Before know, I had just thought he was some legend cooked up by my mother, sorry, stepmother, to keep us from misbehaving. I tried to move, but couldn't. Arkam grabbed Gwendolyn's wrist and leered at her.

"You are coming with me," he said, his face in hers. "And I am finishing those experiments." One of the guards spoke up.

"What shall we do with the others, sir?" Arkham looked at him as if he had just remembered that he was there.

"Put them away in one of the dungeons. I'll deal with them later." The spell lifted slightly as he left, and I shouted after him.

"What do you mean 'by deal with us'?" Arkham turned and stared at me, trying to remember where he had seen me before.

"Who might you be?"

I held my head high. "Roland Arman of the House of Grey."

Arkham smiled. "Ah, Arman's illegitimate son. Well, the palace guards  could always use more targets for training." He laughed manically, and the guards joined in, though I could see that not all of them shared in the mirth. Hmm...

Arkam shooed us away, and we could see him leading Gwen away. We were taken down a flight of steps, where many cells could be seen. It was dark, and the guards had lit torches. I wished take I could try to make an escape, but the spell that Arkham had put on us still had a bit of an effect and I couldn't bring my body to attack them. We were pushed into cells: Kathering and I in one,  Thomas and Kiandra in another, and Derrick in the last. He winked at me before entering his cell, but I didn't know what that was supposed to mean. 

I looked at the guards, most of whom were now relaxing. One could still feel the electricity in the air though. I saw the boy from before and motioned him over. He came cautiously, having no doubt been told that we were dangerous criminals. He looked no more than eight years old.

"Kid,what's up with those guards? Why are they so restless?"

The boy spoke, obviously glad to have someone notice him. "Arkam convince the Magisters to cut their pay and fire a bunch of them. He said that now that they have their powers..." A guard dragged him away before he could say any more.

Powers? I would figure that out later. Right now we had to get out of here. I turned to Kathering.

"Hey, I think that I might be able to start a coup."  She just snorted. But I could see that she was thinking about it. We needed to hurry, before Arkham's 'experiments' got out of hand.

The End

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