The Doctor

"Oh, how much I learned from that finding! I know how her magic works! Gya ha ha haaaa!"

"Doctor Arkham." Derrick heard himself whisper.  But was it really the Magister Doctor Arkham?

With a gruesome, ear-to-ear smile, the doctor seemed truly terrible. "Time to greet our guests! Could someone get me my smock?" he called, and motioned to a small boy just inside the entrance.

"What have you done with my uncle Soren?" Thomas yelled, running forward.

No, his magic. . . .can't the kid sense it?

Derrick grabbed hold of Thomas with his magic and pulled him back. A bolt of. . . .of something stuck the stairs where he was headed.

"Still!" The mad doctor called, glaring at Derrick.

He stepped forward into a shadow, and was instantly by the side of the (now immobilized) Derrick.

"Well, well! If it isn't the former Keane heir himself," the doctor chuckled. "Still practicing your inferiority complex? It was always one of your worst points."

"And this. . . .what have we here?" he vanished again, and appeared in front of Thomas. "A water mage, are you? Hahaha! I haven't been able to experiment on a full water mage before, what fun!"

He paused, and took a closer look at Thomas. . . .

"Bit young for full mage aren't you?" he murmured. "Feel free to move, Son of Keane, but don't attack me for the moment." he called to Derrick.

Derrick relaxed, and looked around at his companions.

Roland (and Kiandra, for once) to be dumbstruck. Poor Gwendolyn was utterly terrified; and Jon. . . .it looked like yet another betrayal for him.

"Aquos, don't move when I release you." Derrick called as he released his hold on Thomas.

Unfortunately, Thomas couldn't move if he had wanted to. Still a child in many ways, he was paralyzed with fear.

"Hmm. . . Ah, I remember now! Young people always have trouble with magic, whether it's learning or controlling it!" the doctor exclaimed. "Well, another bonus for me! You will serve me well, little water mage." he smirked.

"And, who else do we have. . .Ah, the runaway royals and their little rogue friend who likes hide and seek." Arkham smirked. "Pelastor, I shall return you away. Your father has an eye for this young princess, no?"

Arkham was instantly by the side of Kiandra, looking closely at her face and body. Slowly, a look of happy surprise spread across his face.

"Then again, why would wish to lost such a fine experiment? Son of Keane, I believe I may have found you an equal." he remarked.

"Stay away from them!" Derrick yelled.

"D. . don't inspect me as you. . .as you please like that!" Kiandra stammered at Arkham. "Get away from me, right now!"

"Yes, I have definitely found you an equal." he remarked. "You'll all do." he announced, making his way back to the entrance.  "You shall all come with me to prepare for the greatest discoveries in the history of magic!"

As if under the powers of Command, they all stepped forward.

"Yes, my sweet little guinea pig, prepare for your destiny once more." he whispered to Gwendolyn.

The End

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