Thomas: Awakening.

We kept on going through the tunnel and eventually we came out of the smaller tunnel systems into a giant opening. All over there was a bunch of statues, each statue was different. But each statue was placed exactly the same distance apart from each other.

"These are the statues that come to life." Derrick said.

I turned to him, a tad uneasy. "And we can't just run past?"

"Nope, the grid gets smart and all the statues come to life."

I nod, "So each row comes to life as we pass it, right?"



I look at everyone who was with me, these people who have seemed to put their trust in a small 14 year old child. Then, I turn back to look at the grid. I take the few steps and pass the first row. The sudden sound of stone clicking against stone startles me, until each sound becomes individual. Some sound life feathers, others like scales, others like human flesh, and even others a different sound that I couldn't place. But all I knew now, were a bunch of statues were now alive, and trying to kill us.

The End

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