"That's great and all. . . .but neither of us use that kind of magic!" Roland exclaimed.

"Get Jon over here!" Gwen yelled at him.

Soon enough, Jon was awakened and trying to start a fire with lightning magic. They didn't have much time now.

Derrick turned, and saw Thomas Aquos between flashes of Jon's lightning.

"Hey, kid!" he called. "Come here and help me, I've got an idea."

Thomas rushed across the cave floor to Derrick, tripping and stumbling over stray rocks and things. Derrick grabbed the boy and turned so he was sheltered from flying rock shards.

"You're a born strategist. Can  you name what things and abilites we will need, and what we can work with?"

"I. . ." Thomas paused a frightened look on his face.

"Derrick, this is not the time for a magic lesson!" Kiandra exclaimed.

From far off, they heard a noise of something moving through the tunnel.

"He can do this." Derrick snapped back. "Speak already, Aquos! We're running out of time. Jon is already helping with his part of the plan, so just go from there!"

"Uh. . . .You can use any magic you want, so if you could manipulate the fire to expand, it'd help." Thomas spoke quickly. "Gwen and I are pretty well useless down here, so if we run the two of us should stay in the middle of the group. Uh. . . "

"Keep talking!" Derrick ordered.

"Let's see. . .um . .You, lady," Thomas looked at Kianrda. "What can you do?"

"I'm limited to a few natural elements at the moment." Kiandra replied quickly.

"When we all pass a certain corridor, could you put up an earth wall? I wish we had a way to make a spell last longer, that would be-"

"Leave that to me." Derrick cut in. "You, boy, you're brilliant! Jon, Gwendolyn! We have an idea!"

Ten minutes later, they were all running down a tunnel away from the sightless snake (according to Roland's directions, they had to go right instead of left from the fork they took), and Kiandra put up a wall.

"Perfect!" Thomas exclaimed, nodding to Derrick.

"Spell select, every fleck, freeze!" Derrick called. "Kiandra, release the magic. I've a hold on it."

"Done!" Kiandra replied.

"Let's go, before it tries to hunt us!' Gwen called.

The End

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