Gwendolyn: Limitations

Gwendolyn was the first by Roland's side. "Oh thank god. With your power, it should be a simple task in making this thing go away."

Gwen's eyes widened. "Uh... while my Command magic is indeed powerful, it requires eye contact for it to work properly."

Roland's face paled when he heard that. "But... this thing has no eyes."

"My point," Gwendolyn answered. "But I remember reading about this thing when I was a child. This creature is called an Urocubus."

"Well, what a BIG help that is!" Roland shouted.

"Let me finish!" Gwen snapped. She was becoming more moody now that her memories had returned. She was about to continue when the eyeless serpent lunged forward, and Gwen barely managed to dodge out of the way in time.

"Listen... the Urocubus is the natural enemy of the dragon! They compete for the same resources! The Urocubus senses heat! That's how it finds its prey!"

"What else were they teaching you as a child?" Roland asked, surprised that she knew so much about a monster that he never even heard of.

"Don't you understand? The Urocubus senses heat... so light a fire! It messes with its 'sight'!"

"That's great and all... but neither of us uses that kind of magic!"

"Then get Jon over here!" Gwen ordered, careful not to use her Command magic here. Repeatedly using that magic can cause a similar occurrence like when she lost her memories.

The End

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