Power struggle


"Yes I would rather be executed then serve your corrupted rule." I say with full honesty.

"So be ..."  My father begins but then the doors burst open with Magistrate Arkham and his privatized protection forces, along with his group of mad scientists.

"Hold on Zaleus if your just going to execute him at my Palace I should have the right to see his inner workings." He smiled an impossibly wide grin.

"I appreciate your hospitality Arkham, but you will not be cutting up this traitor!"

" Zaleus this is my home, and my jurisdiction. The only reason why your here is because other Magistrates are on their way to take your head, while our own citizens ready them selves for a rebellion. And since you've gotten here I haven't cut something because of precautions you took. I have made preparations with Magistrate Keane, and he will be staying here to unless you comply to my demands Zaleus." He smiled while several cutting instruments slid out of his sleeves.  What had my father gotten himself into?

"Arkham! You have barely held up your own part of this Bargain! We would not be here if you hadn't done what you promised to do!" My father lost his temper.

"Zaleus, I'm afraid this is where our business ends!" Arkham says signaling forward his protection force drawing weapons while my fathers own forces pull out their weapons.

"What is going on here?"  I think to myself knowing that I had little knowledge of what had taken place between my Father and Arkham in the past.

With what little energy had left I rolled out of the way of the two forces, magic energy flowed through the room as a large battle between skilled magical users broke out. In the Chaos the magic that was used to tie me up weakened and I broke through it.  I could see that Adrian was working as hard as he could to protect my father and the rest of the Nobles. My escape would be easy as long as I stayed on the edge of battle.

Making my way to the door a rouge bit of magic that had missed its target striked me on the side burning threw the cloth I knew it was curse that would make the victim  weak , and sick. I fell to the ground feeling the effects instantly, but I pushed on I had to survive. I need to get out of here.


After what felt like a day of crawling, shaking violently, and puking I found myself resting on a tree in a forest lit by s burning sun who’s goal was to burn the world dry.  I couldn't go further, exhaustion came in waves until my eyes closed. Yet I did not fall into a world of dreams I only saw and felt a consuming darkness.  Hours could have gone by when I felt something nudging me. I woke up slightly to exhausted to know something was waking me up. But with the continued effort I was forced to wake up to see a Griffin.

"Wake up Falcain, You've slept long enough." It said. This isn't the first time I had been confronted by a griffin but this has been the first time since my childhood.

"What are you doing here?" I said still feeling sick.

"I'm here to get you back on your feet, and tell you that you need to get to the fabled elemental temple. Its the only way to end the chaos that is brewing here."

"Thanks..." I say unsure why I didn't the griffins go the temple. Obviously what I was thinking was seen on the griffins face.

"We cannot directly mix in human affairs Soren , otherwise all the guardians of the elements would be your rulers and not the irresponsible Magistrates we put in the position to keep Balance in this world. " The Griffin explains helping me to my unsteady feet.

"Alright, can you at least point me in the right Direction?"

The griffin nodded.

"Before you go its time that you begin using your natural ability with the wind to win you battles. Using destruction magic could further the chaos." The griffin advises strangely while a strange visible wind appeared in its talons," This is a gift from the griffins good luck Soren." The Griffin said pressing the ball of visible wind inside my chest. Before vanishing before my very eyes. I fell to the ground in pain but the curse that had weakened me vanished and soon I felt stronger then I did before Adrian brought me down.

The End

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