On the way to Soren

Everything was just odd.

Derrick knew that some animals were magical (to some extent), but he had never seen anything like that bobcat. . . .it actually annoyed him quite a bit that it had he had been teased by a cat. He barely tolerated cats as it was.

The boy, Thomas Aquos, was actually quite calculating. Within thirty short seconds, he had made sure to cover all their strong points, yet the way they were arranged meant that they could still help each other out if something went wrong. . . .Hmm, he was quite a promising child when it came to battle. He seemed to be a lot like Vand.

To top it all off, Gwen was of the Eldrisha house? That woman, who seemed gentle and quiet, was really a sorceress of the highest degree. Derrick didn't know any of their house personally (by the time he was old enough to meet them, the entire line had been wiped out somehow), but Gwen must be special to used like that.

It was intriguing. . . . .

The bobcat lead them down an old tunnel, and they progressed their way through the maze quicker then he anticipated. This. . .Snickers must be of some use after all.

They stopped after a couple of hours, and Snickers told them to rest for a while. He would guard until they were ready to move.

So they stayed in the tunnel, resting or talking quietly.

Suddenly, all the magic he had used in the past two days seemed knocked out of him. He was tired. . . .Funny, he had rested for quite a while earlier. Perhaps he had overworked himself a little too much. He began to close his eyes.

Sleep, precious sleep. . . .

"I really can't believe you." a voice whispered out of nowhere.

Derrick jolted back to life, and saw Kiandra sitting next to him. "Do you have any idea how close to sleep I was?" he whispered, leaning on his elbow.

"Yes, but I don't particularly care." she replied. "How did you know it was Gwen they helped channel the spell through? All the things that happened. . . .did you need relief from that horrible secret or something?" She murmured, staring at the small fire Jon had made.

 Kiandra didn't seem herself. It was odd.

Was she actually worrying about him after what happened earlier?

He glanced at her again, and got a fraction of eye contact. Definitely not worried.

"Are you frightened, princess?" Derrick asked, also avoiding eye contact. "It won't be as bad at you think it is, I'm sure of that."

"No, I don't care about combat at all right now!" Kiandra snapped. "I know well enough how the guarding system works."

So she was fishing for something. Women never made things clear.

"So, you're not looking for an apology or something?" Derrick smirked.

"I never said that." she replied moodily.

"I am sorry." Derrick said. "But you need to know, you really could end up dead if you mention the dragons' rites around other people. As far as I know, not even the Pelastors know about it."

"Why didn't you tell me that before I spoke of it?"

"I thought I had made it clear back in Ygdrasil, but apparently not. Just don't mention it again-"

"Thanks for the apology." she interrupted.

"Ever. Can I go to sleep now, princess?"

"Why do you call me that, anyways, Derrick?"

"Good night!"

Derrick turned away from her and closed his eyes. Sleep came shortly afterwards.

The End

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