The Bobcat... TALKS?!

Gwendolyn looked at Thomas, and admired his youthful courage. Still, the very thought of meeting Daedalus again... oh, she still remembered the way he looked at her when they first met... like a dog staring at a raw steak. He was beyond mad, he was a lunatic with a scapel and a love for cutting you open while you were still awake...

Suddenly, Snickers walked up to her and stared at her, as if trying to tell her something. Everyone else noticed this as well. Thomas was the first to speak up. "Uh, what's with the big kitty?"

"I'm not sure... most of the time I know what he wants to tell me, but this time he seems incredibly cryptic... god, I wish I knew what he would like to tell me..." Then Gwendolyn blinked. She smiled. "Wait a minute... I can know what you're trying to tell me, Snickers!" Gwen started laughing, and everyone stared at her like she had finally lost her mind from all the stress.

"Snickers... speak so that we may understand you." Gwendolyn used her power of Command on Snickers, and Snickers reacted by yawning.

"About time you decided to try that. Honestly, now that you realized what your magic is capable of, I thought you'd find me straight away so we can finally have an intelligent conversation for once." The words came from Snickers' mouth, and everyone stared in shock at what they were hearing.

"Did... did that bobcat... just talk?" Roland asked, his eyes wide. "That's it, I'm done for today. Magic is one thing, but talking bobcats? What strange things are we gonna run into next? Singing frogs? Tap dancing dragons? Seriously, there is only so much crap I can deal with in one day!"

"Still complaining, are you, Master Grey? Consider yourself lucky... after all, you will need a guide, and I happen to know the quickest route." Snickers smirked.

"That's... incredibly convenient." Kathering stated.

"Indeed," Snickers chuckled. "But... if I help you, what do I get out of it?"

"Is... is that cat... bartering with us?" Derrick asked, now annoyed. "How about if you don't help us, I control you into doing so?"

"Tsk, tsk. Temper, temper. How about asking nicely?"

"My uncle's life is in danger and you want us to ask nicely?!" Thomas cried.

"He's not my uncle, kid. To be honest, I don't really like any of you, save for little Gwen over there. After all, she was the one nice enough to heal me when we first met. Perhaps she should be the one to do the asking?"

Everyone stared at Gwendolyn. Gwen felt really put on the spot. "Well, Mr. Snickers, could you-"

"No need to be so formal with me, Gwendolyn Winterhaven li Eldrisha, my mistress. Just call me 'Snickers'... simple, too the point, and quite a charming name, if I do say so myself." Snickers praised Gwen in front of everyone, and Gwen was incredibly embarrassed when he said her full name out loud.

"Yes, well, could you please show us the way to Soren so that we can save him... I sorta owe him my life after all."

"Ah, yes, you do, don't you? Very well. Follow me." Snickers bounded away, and everyone followed.

Jon Pelastor broke the silence. "Eldrisha?"

"I'd rather not talk about it, thank you very much." Gwen snapped. He backed off.

The End

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