Thomas: Soren's Missing

The battle ended, I was scared, really scared. But, I noticed something odd when I counted who were still here.

"Where's Soren?" I ask, innocently enough.

Jon looks around, curious as well it seems. But he doesn't see Soren either. "I can't say, where would he be?"

"Well, last I saw him he and Adrian were going deeper in the cave." Kathering proclaimed.

I thought about it for a moment, what could possibly be underground? A cavern? A cave? A secret underground hideout maybe?

"Wait." Gwendolyn said, we all turned to her. "I think I may know. There's a man, Magister Lord Daedalus Arkham, the magister doctor." Everyone looks at her quizzically, except Jon, he just looks down. "He's a mad man, and wants to find the source of magic. And so, he does experiements, on people, to find out. When I was younger he tried experiementing on me, and he had these giant underground tunnels, stretching for miles in every direction."

Jon nods, "Yeah, but he only works at the Zazamanc Palace."

I frown, realizing the implications of what would happen if Soren were put in the care of such a mad man. "Then we have to go, to save my uncle."

The others looked at me with weary faces, as if they couldn't go on. As if this was too much already and saving Soren would just be another inconvencience.

Derrick interjected. "One doesn't simply walk into Zazamanc Palace. In the outer courtyard surrounding the palace on all sides there is a grid of statues. Each statue has an enchantment over them, that they look like the exact thing you fear. Then, each row you pass on your way to the Palace comes alive. And killing a horde of living stone statues is not a task done easily."

I furrow my brows. "But, together we are strong. Water cuts through rock, so I can help. But with Jon, lightning shatters them; Gwendolyn can command them to help us; Kiandra can use the nature around her to strike back; you can manipulate the beasts; and Kathering can do elementary magic of all kinds. Don't you see, together we are far more stronger than we are apart. I'm sure alone those giant, stone monsters are hard to beat; but together, we can destroy them and save Soren. Because Soren would do the same for us if places were switched."

When I said this, everyone was convinced. And we walked through the cave systems. Finding our way around blindly. But the important part is we were doing it as a team.


The End

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