The darkness opened up around me and I found myself laying on a marble floor with Adrian standing over me.

"Your not what they all said you would be! You know! They said you were cold and calculating. Not one for sympathy. They said you never lose. But I have already won. What a disgrace you are!" He kicks me in the ribs then raises me with his shadows and elbows me in the nose. I hit the ground with force. I get myself on to my feet realizing a lot of my magic had been used in making the nearly impenetrable shield back in the city of dragons. And from what I could feel from Adrian he had tons more to use.

"At least you haven't completely given up." He sneered  Before using a thousand spiked shadow spears coming at me in all directions.  With a light protection spell I blocked and pushed forwards. I went to punch him but he stepped out of the way. Good.

"Explo." I murmur as the ground beneath him explodes as well a explosion in my hand formed.  He hit the wall shrouded in shadows he had taken little damage from the counter attack.

"Still got some fight in you! At least you have got some part of this great reputation i've heard of. " He bragged he knew he had far more magical potential then I did, and enjoyed he could toy with me until I had used up everything I had. The room darkened with shadows which pooled around the ground at my feet," Shadow geyser!" He yelled as I forced through the ceiling of the room I came back done with a definite thud, breaking a few ribs.

I needed to beat this guy with the limited amount of magic I had left and outsmart him before my stamina runs out.  I rolled out of the way of his next attack. I noticed the room had no sources of natural light so he had an advantage with the amount of shadow in the room. However supposedly if we weren't underground, I could allow more light in with a strong explosion , that could stun him, and give me a chance to kill him. Or i could have a bunch of explosions go off confusing him and eliminating shadows temporarily. I rolled out of the way of a few more attacks.

"Pathetic, your just running now." He scoffed," Maybe I should end this since your not giving much of a fight now."

I better go with two now or I won't have a chance. Raising both hands I have several explosions go off confusing him, and doing lots of damage I manage to get up and grab a dagger out of his sheath. With deadly precision I bring it across his neck but he dissipates into shadows and reveals the his true self across the room laughing.

"Ha good try!" He continued laughing.

"I'm not done yet." I smiled guessing he may have done this, his face fell as a wind vortex appeared in my hand so strong even the shadows were dragged into its pull," Edges final vortex!"  As I ran toward his surprised face the vortex stopped spinning as the last drop of magic I had left was used, I fell to the ground in pain.

"So close, I even thought you had me! Your not so bad, but your still pathetic, I can't believe I thought I was gonna lose there!"  He kicks me hard where I had broken my ribs earlier" Alright I think your ready to see you the nobles." He said picking me up with the help of shadows and throwing me out the door.


As the Nobles came I felt a feeling of being a commoner, and I had been stripped of all Honour I had. Being beaten as badly as I had been, and I couldn't even stand. On top of that I was kneeling in a court that had once held me as a proud member, and now it was in the hands of enemy's, and I was a criminal in it.

"Captain Soren Falcain." The meeting began," It is not to late to turn around and aid us on our conquest to quell this magical rebellion. It won't be long until your allies are brought to us by your own royal guardians." My father said not acknowledging me as his son.

" I won't help you wage a war on the people of this Nation. We are not here to take their power from them." I reply," We should be here to protect them, and educate them."

"Then why have your served this court before under a similar rule?"

"Because then it was not lead by nobles willing to kill the magistrate for their own gain. And at the time we were not attacking citizens full out with military force. Now you fear them, and take everything they have and its only been a week under your rule. I cannot support such a institution."

"Are you saying you would rather be executed as a traitor. We also have you as a suspect of the magistrates murderer." My father says.

I wouldn't have guessed my own father would put the blame on me, now he was planning to kill me if I didn't comply to his demands. I could lie, but there was no way they are telling the truth. What is he up to?


The End

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