Memories Return

Gwendolyn was in shock. Being told of what her magic had caused, followed by the sudden attack from Adrian and the royal guards, proved to be too much for her to take in. She collapsed on the ground, her eyes opened wide with terror as the memories came flooding back into her.


"Well, well... we finally caught up with you, winsome little witch." One of the guards stated. Gwen looked and saw that she was floating in the air... and that she was also there, in front of a bunch of guards... but she seemed much different than how she was now... she seemed...

Angry. Hateful. As if just looking at the magistrate's goons nearly made her puke. Then she realized... she was watching the last memory she had before she lost them entirely.

The past Gwendolyn started to laugh. "Caught me? You've been sent to your deaths, you fools!" Gwendolyn watched as her past self began to speak, and saw how terrible she was. "I order you to die."

The guards suddenly took out daggers and began to kill one another. Gwendolyn watched in horror. The other memories she had made it clear why she hated the magistrate so thoroughly, but this was just...

The past Gwendolyn only smiled at what she had accomplished. Then a familiar figure took a step in front of her...


"What up, sis?" He asked, and the past Gwen stared back in contempt.

"Brother," Past Gwen stated. "Run for it. You're no match for me. You should know that... don't make me kill you."

"I'm afraid you underestimate the powers I now possess. Your commands won't work on me... the cursed brand you helped create is too powerful, even for you to negate. So come quietly."

"Then I will put you out of your misery. I command you to forget that I am your half-sister."

Adrian stared back, and smiled. "Sorry, doesn't work."

Gwen, however, kept trying and trying, but it didn't work. She became more and more desperate, and finally she screamed. "I COMMAND YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!"

Suddenly Adrian was sent flying, but the effort of doing so caused past Gwen to collapse, and she fell down into a nearby stream... and saw as her head clipped against the side of a sharp rock. Present Gwen stared in silence... horrified at how different she was then... how terrifying her power was.

Then she saw another scene... a scene from her childhood. She was dressed in the outfit of a noblewoman, and seemed to be having a good time. Sweet, innocent, beloved by her family...

Her family... the Eldrisha family. A magister family that never forgot their roles as teachers and guides, not rulers. They were seen as mavericks, and Gwendolyn had very few friends growing up because of this. But she remembered everything now... who she was...

Gwendolyn Winterhaven li Eldrisha... heir to the fallen Eldrisha family.


Gwendolyn woke up just as Soren and Adrian escaped. The other magister guards, however, were still intent on catching Pelastor and herself. One of them approached her, a sword in hand.

"Run away." Gwen commanded, and he did so. He turned to the others, and spoke. "I finally remember... who I am."

The End

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