Adrian comes back full force



"Yes, it wasn't the best place to learn." Derrick replied. "However, I do remember the brand, although I cannot read them. The assassin, Adrian, bore one that read Fallen thief, forever serve. That is the brand we gave that thief. The sorceress we used to cast it, if I am correct, was Gwendolyn herself."

"Me?" Gwendolyn gasped.

"You have to ability known as Command, the most powerful magic that is or will be known." Derrick explained. "It hasn't been used in a hundred years."

Gwendolyn sat down in disbelief when something hit me.

"Where is he? Where is Adrian?" I said with concern looking around. The shadow assasin however was gone.

"We should move!" Kiandra said.

"Whats going on here?" Roland said obviously said.

"I think were to late." Derrick said pointing skyward as the clouds began to darken.

"Its not just Adrian!" Jon said as the sounds of armoured footsteps came closer.

I drew my blade as the wall folded slid through the floor revealing Private noble forces and royal guardians.

"Destructera!" I shouted causing a massive explosion causing a bunch of debris to fall on to the soldiers.

"We need to find the dragons now!" I heard someone shout as royal guardians attacked from higher ground. 

Jon lit the area above us on fire while a shadow kept into the room.

"There will be no escape!" Adrian's voice reverberated. 

"Divine Shield! Sink us!" I cast a powerful protection spell. Raising a powerful yellow transparent dome that sunk us into the ground trapping us with Adrian, and a few royal guardians which the others had difficulty much to my pride, and unfortunate circumstances.  Once they were taken out we were battling losing battle of shadows, and quick attacks.  While my spell began to weaken from the hammering on the outside. 

"I'm going to pause time!" Derrik cried. But Adrian appeared behind him and used his shadows to paralysing his magic by going through an open wound.  Derrik fell to the ground as Adrian returned to his shadow form while one of a spear of water shot through his body.  The shadows we're going for Thomas next!

" Shadow Bane, Cruel destruction." I bring my hand across my blade stab it into the shadow protecting the shadow and causing Adrian to form into a human solid form. He smiled despite that he was now on the defensive.  I bring my sword down upon him but he casts a capture spell. On me and I was unable to move. 

" Got what I came for." he smiles casting a spell teleporting him and myself away.

The End

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