Adrian's Curse

When Derrick woke, there was a fiery pain in his shoulder.

He blinked and sat up, noticing that he was nearby a fire where a group of people were talking quietly. He sat up and remembered: Jon had knocked him out with lightning magic, because he had gotten angry at Kiandra and that sorceress.


Derrick rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked: he could see her now, the golden-haired woman who had been accompanying the Aquos boy and Jon. Kiandra's was speaking to her softly, and had an arm around her as well.

Had she really used the powers of Command against him? He had only heard of that magic, and it had not been used for around one hundred years. He had manipulation magic, but was nowhere near as powerful as that.

Suddenly, Kiandra saw him sitting up, and turned to say something to one of the others. Soren rose, but was stopped by Jon, who slowly stood to his feet to speak with Derrick.

"I see you've recovered from your blowup." Jon came and sat down next to Derrick. "Would you like to explain what happened to you?"

"I doubt you'd understand, Jon. It's not something to share with just one person. That'd create problems later. No, if you're curious, I didn't get this from you." Derrick touched the scar on his shoulder.

"From what I heard, Uther had just mastered lightning magic. It was lucky he didn't kill you in that fight, correct?" Jon didn't look at him, but pulled a handful of grass from the earth.

"Yes." Derrick murmured. Now that he was fully awake, there was a strange potency in the air. "Are we back in Ygdrasil?" he asked.

"Yes, we carried you here." Jon replied. "Kiandra explained some things to me while you were knocked out."

Derrick clenched his fist. "My pact with dragons means I will be with them when and after I die, but if I tell people the rituals then any current human heirs, not just myself, could go to Hades. It might not be me alone that dies if anyone knows about it."

"Yes, she explained that to me very thoroughly when I asked about it." Jon smiled ruefully. "She's a very interesting traveling companion, eh?"

"Constantly erupting about something, you mean." Derrick smiled as well. "The woman who stopped my magic. . . .who is she?"

"That's part of why we're here." Jon turned to look at him. "Gwendolyn has no memories from before three months ago. I was hoping the dragons knew a way to recover memories, but no one can find them."

"I thought that something like that had happened." Derrick jumped to his feet.. "Get everyone quiet. I need to tell them a story."

"A story?" Jon exclaimed, trying not to laugh. "What is this, your form of a nursery?"

"Now's not the time for teasing!" Derrick snapped. "This is important. It all makes sense now!"

Jonathon stood up, grabbed Derrick's arm, and pulled him over to the rest of the group.

"Alright, all of you listen!" he called to them. "This is very important for him to say."

The group quieted for a moment. Soren, Thomas and Gwendolyn remained silent, but Kiandra spoke out.

"Very important? Is is some sort of revelation?'

"Worse." Derrick replied as he sat down. "A memory." he looked at Gwendolyn. "I think I know who you are, Gwendolyn. But before that, I have to tell you all that I was not myself earlier, and my error was to take out my anger on you. I should have known better."

He stared at the fire more a moment before continuing:

"The summer before I turned thirteen, I was taken to a special prison alongside several others, all with very powerful magic. Although I was just a prodigy student back then, I was still considered very powerful.

"My father called this task a secret honor, and ordered me to tell no one. We were taken to this prison, where two people around my age were chained, a boy and a girl.  The girl's restraints were magical, very potent, but barely contained her. As far as I know, the boy was just an ordinary thief.

"The victims' names were unknown to us, but I will never forget what the noble lords ordered us to do: cast a spell brand on the boy using that girl's magic. We worked as a whole being. My job was to keep the confusion spell frozen while the others worked the rest."

"So that's where you learned how to do that." Soren remarked.

"Yes, it wasn't the best place to learn." Derrick replied. "However, I do remember the brand, although I cannot read them. The assassin, Adrian, bore one that read Fallen thief, forever serve. That is the brand we gave that thief. The sorceress we used to cast it, if I am correct, was Gwendolyn herself."

"Me?" Gwendolyn gasped.

"You have to ability known as Command, the most powerful magic that is or will be known." Derrick explained. "It hasn't been used in a hundred years."

The End

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