Gwendolyn: Command

Gwendolyn watched Kiandra's little "tantrum", and a part of her felt like she was watching a childhood scene that she should remember, but simply couldn't. It frustrated her, but nonetheless she found it somewhat amusing.

However, when Derrick began to act tough, her expression changed. He acted as if he had had the worst experiences in his life, and that it justified how he was behaving now. Gwendolyn almost broke the staff through sheer anger.

"I have to keep this secret safe. You are so wrong, Jon. I do have that right. There is nothing you can do to interfere with that."

Even though he released Jon, Gwendolyn stared at him with something bordering contempt. "Be that as it may, you are acting far from your position."

Derrick stared at her then, flabbergasted. "You... what gives you..."

"I've been running for my life for three months now... three months. Knowing that being caught would mean my execution, or worse. I've had rocks thrown at me for being what you magisters call a 'witch'. How do you think I feel? But I never saw myself as having the right to use my powers in such a fashion."

"Gwendolyn... know your place." Jon stated, more concerned than actually commanding.

"I'm entitled to let out my emotions, Prince Pelastor. Every living being has the right to let their feelings known." Gwendolyn responded.

"You're just a rogue mage, Gwen," Soren interrupted. "They are members of royal families."

"And how does that make me less than they are? For all you know, I could be the strongest one here."

"I've had enough of that insolent tongue of yours, brat!" Derrick spoke, and in anger, cast his manipulation spell on her, causing her arms to extend like she was chained to some invisible wall. But Gwen stared back, not looking even remotely concerned.

"You will release me." Gwendolyn spoke, and to everyone's surprise, including Derrick's, she was released from his spell.

"How... how...?" He was about to try again, but Gwendolyn spoke once more.

"You will never use that spell against me ever again." And try as he might, the spell simply wouldn't come and manifest around Gwendolyn. As if his body refused to cast it against Gwendolyn.

His eyes widened in shock. Everyone was in shock. Gwendolyn included. "Did I just... do that?"

It was Kiandra who broke the silence. "What exactly ARE you?" Gwendolyn stared at her, a hurt expression on her face.

"Your guess is as good as mine." And she dropped to her knees and covered her face, no longer certain of who she was anymore... or rather, what she was anymore.

The End

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