Derrick's right

He kept his head low, pushed his bangs in front of his eyes, and tried to strike up a conversation with Kiandra, but nothing  was working.

Jon saw, and started at them in surprise. "Princess Kinadra." he said. "I didn't expect you in this . . .company." He glanced at Derrick for a moment, eyeing him with suspicion.

"I've been busy since you saw me last, Your Highness." Kiandra replied. "Why are you here?"

"I'm on a journey." was all he said. "Who's your companion? A rogue mage?"

Kiandra smirked. "Much better then a rogue mage." she said mysteriously. "He's more like an annoying protector."

Jonathon turned to Derrick in surprise. Derrick stared at him, but said nothing.

"Say something." Kiandra murmured. "Once he knows how the dragons treat you, it won't matter anymore."

Derrick glared at her, trying hard not to raise his voice. "I've told you at least ten times not to mention them-"

"Derrick Keane?" Jonathon whispered in surprise. "But. . it. . .You- I thought that-" he sputtered. "You can't be Derrick!"

Derrick pushed his bangs out of his eyes and shrugged. "Hello, Jon."

"You can't be Derrick Keane! How did you end up around her?"

"Excuse me, her has a name-"

"Shut up." Derrick cut her off. "Now's not the time for one of your vain moments."

"Vain moments?"

"Ignore her." Derrick said to Jon. "She's got enought worry about. Why are you in the company of Thomas Aquos in the first place, and where are you going now?"

"Always straightforward." Jonathon remarked above Kiandra's protests. "I need to be safe for a while. Collect myself. My friends are coming with me." he smirked. "What was she saying about the dragons?"

"It's not your concern." Derrick snapped.

"Do you have a contract with the Dragons?"

"It's not a contract." Kiandra interrupted.

"I believe I told you to be quiet." Derrick remarked.

"It's a pact. Like in the legends when we were little-"


"-where soldiers' bodies were bound in crys-mmph! Mmmph!"

Derrick had clapped a hand over her mouth, and pulled her a step back.

"Be quiet, you stupid woman!" he whispered harshly. " I barely managed to keep my pact with them because of your insufferable tongue back in Ygdrasil. I've already explained to you how strict the dragons are about their rituals and their human heirs. You want to end up at the bottom of the sea forever, then feel free to keep talking!"

He released her and stepped back. Kiandra coughed a sputtered for a moment, glaring at Derrick. Jonathon watched the scene with surprise, looking from Kiandra to Derrick with widened eyes.

"You. . . ." Kianrda gasped between coughs. "You call me. . .insufferable. The dragons trust. . .Pelastor line. I. . .knew what I was doing" Kianrda straightened to her full height. "You stupid, unreliable, incorrigible, inconsiderate, hyopicritical, unimpressive-"

"Lady Kiandra!" Soren interrupted.

"-Stubborn, irresponsible, paranoid, vacuous, foolish. . .man!" she exclaimed. "Why did you bother saving me in the market that day, you coward?"

"Because I knew you needed to be saved, O Well-worded One." Derrick replied, mocking her with a smirk. "If you don't like the company you're in, you can always leave. I'm sure you'll altogether miss getting drained by the mage thieves, being stopped in the market place by those men-"

"Nobody needs to know about that!" Kiandra yelled.

"Market place?" Soren cast a confused look at Kiandra.

"Mage thieves?" Jonathon looked at Derrick in surprise. "First off, I thought mage thieves were just a myth. Second off, don't you know your place? Although I'm sure that she thoroughly annoys you, you have no right to act like that!"

"I do have that right!" Derrick's arm flashed up, his manipulation magic holding the Magister prince fast. "For nearly five years I have been running from set spies, rogues, mage thieves, hunters, and now your ridiculous lot!

"Kiandra is on the run just like I was, and we made a deal back in the capitol. Part of that deal is she leave Ygdrasil and it's dragons out of the light. I can teleport her home to her father anytime I like, and I've still put up with her until now!"

Jonathon stared at Derrick insurprise, literally frozen.

"I have to keep this secret safe. You are so wrong, Jon. I do have that right." Derrick repeated, and released his hold. "There is nothing you can do to interfere with that."

The End

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