Roadside Meeting

Jon walked in silence for a long time.  He was trying to remember where he had seen Gwendolyn before.  He was narrowing down the list, but he still couldn't place her.  Eventually they came to a cross road.  Jon examined the sign.  After a moment, he turned left while the rest of the group debated over which direction to go.

"Where are you going?" asked Thomas.

"To Ygdrasil, the city of dragons.  I will be safe there," replied Jon.

"City of dragons?  And you think you'll be safe there?  Won't they eat you?" asked Thomas.

"No, my family is at peace with the dragons.  They will not attack me, or anyone who travels with me," said Jon, offering the rest of the group a hint.  They thought about it for a moment before following him.  He led them towards the city for an hour before they stopped to rest.

Down the road, they heard people talking.  The group got off the road and hid in the bushes.  As the other people drew closer, Jon could see his guard captain Soren with them.  He moved out of the brush and onto the road.

"Soren!  My old friend, what are you doing out here?  I thought you had been killed in the assassination," said Jon as he walked towards the others.

"Prince Pelastor?  We went to look for you in Ygdrasil, but you had already left.  Where did you go?" said Soren as they stopped in front of each other.

"It is a long story," said Jon.  The rest of his group walked out of the brush and joined them.

The End

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