Thomas: Wow... cool.

I was extremely surprised to find out that these people knew my father. It was almost unthinkable; my father had a real life. I can't wait to find him.

"So, do any of you guys know where my daddy is?"

"Umm, no, can't say." Gwendolyn said. "We were traveling in the sewers until he flushed us out. Then we got separated. I have no clue what happened to him."

"I understand."

Then, Roland spoke. "So, if you're Vand's son, who's your mother?"

"Her name was Jorden, but I never knew her. She died when I was really young. She was trying to convince the Magister Lords to stop hurting us magical people. And so, he didn't listen and she died."

Pelastor had a sorry look on his face, "I'm so sorry for my people's mistakes."

"It's ok."

"So, why are you just walking around on your own, without any water source?" Gwendolyn asked.

"Oh! hahahaha!" I laugh. "I can create water, so I don't need a jug like daddy did. And I'm walking around because Avantra had another vision. One where daddy died," I look down and twirl my shoe in the dirt. "And I needed to come to replace him in his quest."

"Wait, Vand died?" Gwendolyn shouted.

"Well, no, not necessarily. Sometimes her visions are off. Like, for example, when she had the vision of you, Vand went like 5 months to early. It hadn't happened yet, so he could still be alive."

"Oh, ok." Gwendolyn sighed, relieved.

"So, I guess I'm travelling with you guys until we find my daddy."

"Mhm, tell me child can you use your powers to attack yet?" Pelastor asked.

"Umm, yes, but sometimes I can be a bit off in my power."

"What do you mean by off?"

"Sometimes it's too much, sometimes it's too little, and sometimes my aim goes haywire too."

Pelastor chuckles nervously, "You're kidding, right?"


"In that case, on our journey together, I'll have to help you train."

"Ok, so, where are we going?"

The End

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