Revelations All Around


That was the first reaction from the group when the words "He is my father" were heard. Was it because they were shocked to learn that Vand had a son? Well, I don't know about the others, but I'm certain Gwendolyn nearly fell over when she heard that, out of sheer surprise.

"Vand's... son?" Gwendolyn finally asked, her eyebrows raised. "Well, this IS a big surprise."

"So, YOU do know him?" He asked, walking up to Gwendolyn, taking her hand. "Please, tell me where he is!"

Gwendolyn stared at him for a few seconds and suddenly withdrew her hand when Snickers started to growl. Everyone else suddenly got on edge.

"Yes, I knew him... he was a good man. He met me while he was traveling through the woods I called home for so long-"

"The woman in the woods... so, that was you Avantra spoke of."

"Excuse me?" Gwendolyn asked, confused.

"My name is Thomas. And my father went looking for you specifically."


"I don't know... you seem to be a very important figure in these times from what I gather." Thomas responded, not entirely sure of things himself, but then, he was 14.

"Now that you mention it..." Roland spoke up. "She does seem familiar to me, I'm almost certain we've met somewhere before... and then you told me you weren't sure you met the Grey family before..."

Prince Pelastor turned to her and nodded. "Strangely enough, you also seem familiar to me." He walked over to Gwendolyn slowly, and forced her to bend down, and felt the top of her skull... causing Snickers to emit a terrifying noise, basically saying "GET AWAY FROM HER!"

"Thought so," Pelastor finally spoke up, and helped Gwen to her feet. "You have a scar right there at the back of your skull... you hit your head pretty hard in recent months."

"I don't remember anything from before three months ago. I heard the story of the Forest Witch, and seeing as how I was hiding in the woods at the time, I figured they were talking about me." Gwendolyn explained.

Silence again. Kathering was the one who finally spoke up. "So... you really don't know WHO you are?"

Gwendolyn shook her head. "Only my name... and for all I know, it may not even be my full name."

Snickers trotted up to her and rubbed himself against her, and Gwendolyn scratched his ears tenderly. "I can't really be anyone important, right?" Gwendolyn finally asked, smiling sadly.

The End

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